Planning 2015- What marathons should I run?

What does a typical runner do in the days after a marathon? You pick your next marathon of course! But I need your help...

I've been researching Spring marathons but just can't decide so I need suggestions. Remember I live in the midwest that can easily become a frozen tundra all winter meaning training only happens on the treadmill.

My criteria...

  • Late spring or early summer
  • PR type course
  • Easy for spectators to get around
  • Not too crowded but not 10 runners either (I've run both extremes)
  • Easy to travel to either by car or plane from midwest
  • Not over priced
Bonus criteria...
  • Associated kids race (in case we bring O) and 1/2 marathon
  • Fun destination to turn into a mini vacation
  • In a state I haven't run yet, so far I have run: AZ, CA, FL, WA, MA, IL, MN, SD, ND, IA, GA
Alright share your favorite spring marathons...


  1. I don't have any ideas for you but I know that whichever one you pick you will ROCK! :-)

  2. You might like the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. It's the first weekend in May. It's a fun race, and they have multiple events, including a kids' run. Delta has direct flights from MSP.

  3. The Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage! It's on the summer solstice and it's flat, and Alaska is BEAUTIFUL in June! Generally sunny and temps in the 60s and 70s. Plus this race is flat. I'll probably be doing the half this year!


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