Weekly Goals and Looking Ahead

With the marathon behind me and no real goal races in the near future I'm sitting in that time of the year where things often go the wrong direction, my eating falls apart and I take the rest phase a little too seriously! My new plan for the off season is mini goals and staying on track.

Fitness Goals
  • Morning workouts Monday through Friday
  • P90X3 x 6 days and 2 more core focused
  • Try a new workout
  • 3 pull ups in a row (stuck at 2 right now!)
  • Run 3 days, no technology, just run whatever pace and distance feel good
Non Fitness Goals
  • Stick with meal plan this week
  • Blog 3-4 days
  • Start editing my thesis proposal
  • Work on organizing downstairs
What are your goals this week? Do you suffer when not training for an event?

Remember to keep me on track and help everyone else too I have a 7 Day Healthy Eating Group starting next Monday! To get more info email or enter info on the form and I will be in contact.


  1. I haven't written down my goals in such a long time and this just inspired me to do so! Thank you! :)

  2. I'm a huge goal person! It's what keeps me motivated!

  3. After a big race, I'm always looking for my next goal. Although right now I have plenty ahead of me!


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