Urbini Avi Running Stroller Review- Ready for a change?

Last month I was contacted to review a running stroller and while O is getting older she is still up for the occasional run with mom, although I know our days are limited. The Urbini Avi All-Terrain stroller arrived and the first thing I will say is assembly was a breeze even for me who has an issue reading the instructions! O and I had it out of the box and ready to go in 5 minutes!

I will preface this by saying my run with the Urbini was my first post-marathon run on a windy day and resulted in more of a run walk. We needed to make our typical run to the store for a few groceries before dinner and grabbed the stroller to go. We are lucky to live within 2 miles of 3 different grocery stores meaning most of my small trips are done as part of a run. My first thought was “wow this thing is tough to push!” but then I looked down and realized I never inflated the tires! Oops!

Love the back pocket!
What did I think?
  • For a run/walk with lockable swivel wheel was great
  • Easy to push and steer
  • The bottom had large storage area for all my groceries because those few things always lead to more!
  • Loved the ease of having a small pocket on back of seat (perfect for phone or wallet)
  • Lightweight 22.3lbs (about the same as my other stroller at 23lbs)
  • The adjustable handle allowed for more comfort when transitioning running to walking

A few great features…
  • Self Stands (when folded)
  • Inflatable Rubber Tires
  • 5-Point Harness
  • 2-Position Canopy that blocks more sun than my other stroller
  • Safety Wrist Strap
  • Reclining Seat
  • Cup holder
  • Weight limit of 65lbs so still able to run with my 33lb 4 ½ yo! (other stroller is 70lbs)
  • About half the price of my other stroller $199 v $399 and sold exclusively at Walmart (meaning I would not be in a position to even see this stroller since I do not shop there! But not starting that discussion today!)
  • Available in 5 colors: Blue, Pink, Gray, Red and Yellow
  • Car Seat Package available

Lots of room for groceries

What did O think?
  • She loved hiding behind the large canopy and having the peek-a-boo window above
  • The seat cushion was comfortable
  • Reclining was fun
  • “Mom I could sleep in here!” What more do we need!
  • There was a bar running across the back of her head that she didn’t like!
  • No kid cup holder

"Look mom I can hide!"

Overall I think this is a great stroller for shorter runs, walks or just everyday use at a lower price. The cup holder and back pocket are so convenient and a huge perk. But as someone who ran 75% of their marathon training miles with a stroller I’ll stick with my other for the long runs. I also think that despite O still meeting the weight requirements the set up isn’t ideal for a larger child with the support bars. 

*I was provided the Urbini Avi stroller for review but all opinions are my own.

 What do you look for in a running stroller? What is your favorite?


  1. My kids are now old enough to leave them at home. I'm lucky! But I like the sound of this jogger.


  2. Can't wait until my daughter is at that age! Having a run stroller saved me many times.


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