Marathon Recap...The short version

The long version will come later once I finish and edit the novel it is becoming...

Anyone who has followed me knows the past couple years have been injury filled with the peak coming at Boston this April where I nearly quit at Mile 15 due to pain which resulted in time off and lots of rehab. I was back at running but with no speedwork. 5 months ago I was told by my sports doctor and PT that it was unlikely I'd run a fall marathon but I'm thrilled that Sunday I ran my 26th marathon!

This was all thanks to lots of hard work, intense PT, session of graston and acupuncture with my sport chiro and all the rgith workouts. These workouts meant decreased miles and increased cross training: P90x3 for the agility, core and eccentric strength and PiYo for core stability and balance and I was able to run again even sooner than anyone thought!

This wasn't a goal race but starting out with a great 21 miles I thought it might end up that way. My plans soon changed as I struggled the final 5 due to what was likely hypoglycemia (an issue I've never had during a marathon) I finished in 3:40:13 missed a BQ by 14 sec. After a few minutes of disappointment I quickly decided I was thrilled to be running pain free and accomplishing something that just months ago wasn't going to happen!!


  1. I ran the Mankato Marathon too. I finished in 3:39:05 and also struggled in the late miles. I was the one in the cheetah tights and hat.

    1. Congrats, sorry about the rough finish too. I did see you and loved the tights!

  2. Congrats on the great finish time! It's hard to miss a BQ by seconds, but running pain-free is definitely something to be thankful for!

  3. Congratulations on an awesome finish Jen! And no pain is so great!!!

  4. So sorry you missed the BQ, but great you were able to finish consider all of the injuries. How did you like graston?


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