I'm not Super Mom!

Guess what after years of being in denial I am finally on board with the fact that I am not Super Mom (or my previous thoughts of Super Woman!). I can’t do it all and am finally realizing that my attempts at everything are making us all suffer. The past 3 years I’ve poured into my career along with finishing grad school all while continuing to train for marathons and being a mom and wife, well I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t excelling at the most important jobs on the list. I watch these young women surgeons working long hours, building big careers and being moms. I kept telling myself that if they can do it on 80 hour work weeks that I have nothing to complain about but I see they lack family time, focus on things other than work and just life outside. This isn’t what I want…

So I spent the past year figuring out what I want…
  • A career with growth using my education
  • A career I enjoy, one I look forward to most days
  • A strong relationship with my daughter
  • Time with family
  • Time to workout every morning and ability to see my running buddies
  • Time to travel and share the world with O
  • Evenings to eat family dinner and relax
What's on your list?

The past few weekends solidified my thoughts. Running home with barely any time before O’s birthday party, changing as family started arriving! The following weekend repeating as I missed half the neighborhood SuperBowl party due to another late day at work, finally heading over there without a shower for the day and ready to do nothing but sit on the couch.  Monday we all suffered from this as O was in tears because she had no time to spend with mom all weekend and insisted she come to work with me.

Moms, why do we do this to ourselves? We can accept that we don’t need to do it all! What is important to us now and in the future? How have you realized as a mom that you can’t do it all? What changes have you made?

So what is ahead…Well I have decided to leave my job with crazy unpredictable hours, working weekends and late days with a long drive in my specialty of surgery/trauma. Almost 16 years in trauma is coming to an end, this has hugely shaped who I am and has brought great people and experience to my life but to do what’s best for me as a whole I need to step away. Instead I will be working weekdays only, set hours meaning home for dinner, no more super easy mornings meaning time for morning workouts, plus close to home. Change is tough but knowing this is the best is making it easier. How many other runners factor in this as a decision maker for a job?

Have a great weekend, what are your plans? Hoping I’m ready for my long run after 11 days of being sick I’m back to running. Just 2 more weeks until RnR NOLA! And a fewmore days to donate to my fundraising (I have special thank you gifts for those who donate before Feb 17).

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  1. I agree it can be hard to admit we aren't super moms all the time, but being a mom is pretty super.

    1. So true! Despite the tough days being a mom is the best job ��

  2. congrats on such a big decision and I know I is not easy, I left a job and took a 30K paycut because my daughter needed me more, we can always make more money but you only get so much family time :)


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