Pre-Race Rituals

I know we all do it, no matter what sport or what age we all have some pre-competition rituals. When I danced we had a few odd things we did (or didn't do) before a competition like no shaving legs 1 week before (honestly no idea how this started!) or certain songs we'd listen to before. Now this has moved over to my running life.

As I am about to run my 29th marathon in 2 days and packing I'm thinking about all that is important to my rituals. Some started at the beginning and others have developed through the years...

Carrying water everywhere the days before, snacking on almonds, apples, bananas, veggies/hummus and granola all day. Frequent snacking keeps me better fueled and prevents me from over doing a big meal. Plus this way I don't grab junk to eat.

Dinner of Sweet Potatoes and vegan protein. Being a celiac runner has taught me to find a non gluten carb that is easily found everywhere. Sweet potatoes are a staple in my diet.

Watch Spirit of the Marathon the night before. This started as soon as the 1st movie came out (not a big fan of the 2nd movie) and just gets me motivated to run. 

Laying out my flat Jen and posting pics to my MRTT group. For me this usually involves multiple outfit options in case weather changes! I'm super picky on my running clothes.

Race morning up and ready to eat 2 hours before. Breakfast of banana, GF oats mixed with pea protein and coconut. Coffee of course!
Foam Rolling! One of my newer rituals. Get those muscles loose and ready to run.

UCAN! 30 min prerace, a combo of either orange or cran/raz mixed with vanilla.

I'm not an early person when it comes to races. I get there with enough time to use the bathroom, drop bag if needed and get to corral, no need to stand around and wait!

What are your pre-race rituals? 

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