Race Week!

The weather is finally starting to cooperate for outside running! The warmer weather and some rain has meant less snow but more ice. I’m so ready for spring and more sun.

Monday: Shoulders and 8.6 mile run (1:10:00)
Tuesday: Off work! Arms/Core and 1 hour Combat Kickboxing
Wednesday: 6 miles with speed intervals and Back
Thursday: 6 mile easy run and core
Friday: Shoulder and Kickboxing
Saturday:10 mile run (3 outside and 7 on treadmill thanks to too much ice) 7:53 pace
Sunday: Arms and Core

Race week! Meaning lighter workouts and travel and race outfit planning. I have my race shoes, now just to find out what socks match best!
Thank you Adidas for making my shoes in purple!

Monday: 6 mile run and Back
Tuesday: Chest and kickboxing
 Wednesday: 4 mile run and core
Thursday: Kickboxing and arms
Friday: 4 mile run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Race!!

When is your next race? Who else is joining me at RnR NOLA this weekend?


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