Visions and Goals

Earlier this month the MRTT group planned a fun night to make vision boards and drink a little wine, thanks to the nasty illness I had it didn't happen. I decided before 2016 got to far along I needed to get my motivation out for everyone to see! Tuesday afternoon O and I had project time and each made our 2016 vision board. I'm not quite sure 6 year old minds can grasp the concept but it was fun. Here's included: a runner, cupcakes, 6 (because she's 6!), beach, mom/daughter picture, fruits/veggies, dance and some random words she could read!

Here is mine...

  • -3:20 Marathon big and center!
  • -50k
  • -Swimming and yoga which I need to do more
  • -Running with Cooper (the dog pic)
  • -Date nights with Matt (the wine)
  • -Summer and lots related to warm weather!
  • -A few of my races
  • -Words to keep me focused: Calm, Laugh, Strong, Love, Organize, Friends
  • -Healthy food and real food with some pumpkin pie!
  • -A reminder that I will garden this year
  • -Sleep better
  • -Read more

What would you include on your vision board? Have you made one before?

Lining up with Jill for Fitness Friday


  1. I create 2 vision boards every year. I think I've been doing it for about 4 years.

    Thanks for sharing with friends at Fitness Health & Happiness. Have a great weekend!


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