Finding Races

In honor of Christmas, what to do with all the race medals!

Two of the biggest questions I get from new (and new to the area) runners is How do you find races? and How do you decide which ones to run?

In the beginning my answer was much different than it is today, especially as my running connections have grown along with the massive influence of social media today that was not around when I was a new runner. 

Finding A Race
  • Sign up for race organization email newsletters: Many local groups have these as well as larger organizations like Competitor Group who runs Rock n Roll. A perk of these extra emails is early entry options and discount codes.
  • Active is a great source for searching not only races in the US and beyond but also running and fitness related articles and race write ups.
  • "Like" local and national race organizations on Facebook and follow on Twitter. This is often the first place new races are announced and once again discounts are often a perk.
  • Talk to running friends, local running stores and gyms. Friends have done these and can send you to the "good" races, the stores and gyms often host races and have flyers for others in the area.
  • Race expos: Although many are going green with electronic race bags there is always a few race flyers included, some of the bigger marathon expos will involve races from near and far. Expos are also fun to check out gear and get in the mood to race!
  • Charity organizations often host or sponsor races to raise awareness and $ or may offer training groups for destination races. I've had the opportunity to coach for both Team Challenge and Team in Training and bring teams many places including Ireland, California and Las Vegas.
Now that you are bombarded by all the local and fun tempting destination races how do you decide the ones to enter and those to avoid?

Deciding On A Race
  • Check out sites like Marathon Guide where runners comment and rate various aspects of races (mostly marathons here).
  • Search for running forums, runners talk and are very happy to share race experiences.
  • Google to race you are interested in and there is probably a blogger who wrote about the race and their experience. Know that their experience, whether good or bad, may not be the norm.
  • Ask running friends
  • Think about the location and is it convenient or somewhere you want to travel?
  • Timing of the race and associated training, does it fit in your life and schedule?
  • Do you prefer a large or small race?
  • Consider the cost and what you get. Are you willing to pay more for bling or do you prefer a cheaper race with minimal perks?
  • Do you have friends running too? Is it important to run and/or train with others?
Finding races is one concern I am hearing from some 13 in 2013 runners, I hope this helps. How do you find races? What makes your perfect race?

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  1. I did the same thing with my medals but I don't have nearly as many as you do, WOW! Did you take your test yet? Anxious to hear how it goes:)

    1. Nope, not my tree but I love the idea. Between hubby and I our medals would weight it down.
      Thanks, I am taking the test in a couple hours, wish me luck!

  2. That is an awesome day when my collection has grown some, I will have to have this as a secondary tree!! Thanks for sharing this, great post!

    1. I am hoping hubby will let me do this next year :)


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