12/30 Menu Planning

I guess it is that time of year, time for the sickies to hit! Last Winter brought just about every possible illness with me doing clinical rotations in pediatrics and a toddler in multiple activities, no one was spared! So far we have been luckier this year, until now! I think this is the first time all three of us have been hit this hard at the same time and it is awful! But I think (hope) we are on the road to health. Last week was not too fun, lots of time sleeping and I think we had our first real meal last night. 

Menu planning this week will be a lot of recycling from last week since we had a lot of soup and toast, linking up with Jill and Laura

Sunday: Pad Thai
Monday: Butternut Squash White Bean Risotto & Tiramisu
Tuesday: Coconut curry veggie rice
Wednesday: Lasagna (leftovers frozen from Christmas dinner)
Friday: ?? Dinner out
Saturday: 4 bean quinoa chili & corn muffins

Pad Thai
2 tbsp tamarind paste
1 tbsp. palm sugar
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp. rice vinegar
Chili Flakes to taste (or omit)
2 cups shredded veggies
1-2 eggs or 8 oz tofu
1 pkg rice noodles
2 green onions diced
Crushed peanuts

In hot pan add tamarind, sugar, lime juice and vinegar and cook until dissolved, add chili if desired. Add in shredded veggies and onions until soft, push aside and scramble egg(s)or tofu. Meanwhile cook rice noodles according to package. Add noodles to pan toss to cover with veggies and sauce. Top with nuts and serve.

Now for the other aspect that didn't go as planned last week; workouts! I was so happy to be back out for a run (very slow) yesterday, it was nice even though I coughed through much of it. I needed this even though it was not what I had planned for this week, it mentally made me feel great.

Sunday: Morning Long Run & Afternoon Weights
Monday: Morning Spin & Afternoon Run
Tuesday: Morning 5K & Afternoon Weights
Wednesday: Morning Kickboxing class & Afternoon pilates
Thursday: Morning Weights with trainer & Evening run
Friday: Morning Spin & Afternoon pilates
Saturday: Morning Run


  1. I know exactly how you feel! This past week has been the same for me. I'm tired of liquids! Time for some real food! I too am recycling menu from last week.

    1. Sorry I commented under the wrong login. =)

    2. It does make for easy planning when you can recycle a week!

  2. Ugh- that does not sound like fun. Glad to hear the worst is behind you. I don't know how you do so many double workout days, makes me tired just reading it. Impressive!

    1. The doubles just seem to fall into place with my run coaching being the 2nd workout many times.

  3. So sorry that everyone is sick! Glad that you're on your way back to the road to health. Don't push yourself too hard in your workouts if you're not feeling well below the neck. :-)

  4. Hopefully as you read this you're feeling better! WTG with the double workout days. They're tough! I'm off to check out your chili recipe :)

    1. I think we've made a few additions to the chili since I first posted it: add quinoa at end and roasted peppers. It is super easy and good :)


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