November Recap/December Goals

November was my month to start rebuilding for next running season. It was a stressful month with work, school and life in general. Fitnesswise the month was fine and I made a smart decision to not take on more in my schedule.
November Recap
  • PR at the 10 Mile race- No, not feeling great 
  • Pass NASM CPT- No but finally regsitered
  • Find one new recipe each week to make- For the most part
  • Continue with spin and strength, add in weekly swims- No swims yet
  • Start dance class- I decided against this since it is at the end of my 3 busy days and I need a break
  • Stop ignoring my messy house and organize one room each week- Not even close!
  • Run Turkey Day 5K- Crazy busy, but perfect weather
  • I ran 165.3 miles (over my goal of 150)!
  • After our stretch of little sleep we are back to sleeping in!
December Goals
  • Continue to rebuild and fully heal to be in full running strength for next year
  • Start Swimming (at least 2x in December)
  • Pass NASM, 2 weeks (any tips for the test?)
  • Survive finals and hours of grading
  • Actually decorate for Christmas and send out cards soon
  • Continue 2x week spin and 3x week strength 
  • Continue with gluten free with O, 3 more weeks to see if there is a difference
I am so excited at the response to 13 in 2013 already! Check out the details and join us for this fun challenge.


  1. Jen your Nov sounds as busy as mine was! I need to re-think my goals for Dec. The response to 13 in 2013 has been amazing but I admit to being a bit overwhelmed. I need a few hours to reply to emails!

    Have a great weekend and try to find a little quiet relaxing time :)

    PS. How are you with writing guest posts ;)

    1. Hope you had a great weekend, this is great!

      What are you thinking for a guest post? Let me know, after this week of finals I am much less busy :)

  2. Wow, you logged a lot of miles this past month and it sounds like you were really busy. I'm sure you won't have any trouble meeting your goals for December!

    1. Running keeps me pushing and helps with the stress so I keep moving :)

  3. I am so excited to be a part of 13 in 2013. Thanks for helping start such a great challenge!

  4. Nice job on your month! Oh yes, organizing the house... I should add that to my list, but somehow I don't think it's going to get done in December. :)

    1. Thanks, yes the house takes the back burner here!


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