Being Happy & Thankfull

One of my goals this year is to think about what makes me happy and focus on this rather then the what ifs in life. This fit perfect with a challenge to make a list of 20 things I am thankful for. To cover both here is my combine list of 20 Things I am Thankful for that Make me Happy...

1) My Daughter: Her huge smile and crazy personality are amazing and her ability to think and challenge us all make life interesting

2) My husband: He puts up with all my craziness and supports me through it all, without Matt's support I wouldn't be the runner I am today or able to stay home to finish school

3) Friends: Busy life, motherhood and careers have pulled many of us apart but honestly what can be better then reconnecting and picking up like no time has passed over lunch (Thanks gacgirl for the sushi yesterday), coffee or a workout.

4) Running: Is there any other thing in life that can change you mood in minutes. Running is such a invigorating sport to make you see what you can achieve and teaches me to push through the tough moments.

5) Coffee: No better way to start the day!

6) Travelling: I love exploring and seeing new places and getting to share these adventures with family and friends. I am not a huge fan of flying but will deal with it in order to arrive at the place I want to be.

7) A nice glass of wine: Do I need to say any more?

8) My parents: Without their help babysitting and around our house things would be so much different and tougher. I am greatfull to have my mom as our babysitter, O loves this too and it gives her a great relationship with her grandparents.

9) Spring weather: Enough snow and cold, I need to see sun and blooming flowers.

10) Morgan: My crazy, protective, energetic puppy (okay 7 year who acts like a puppy).

11) The Wedge Co-op: The gluten free bakery is amazing and I love the treats I can grab and the fresh produce.

12) A part-time job where I get paid to run and get comp race entries: Can it get better? Happy to be running a local 10 Mile race this weekend.

13) Online education: Without being able to complete grad school online, not once but soon 3 times, life would be so much tougher and I may have not embarked on this adventure again. I love being able to listen to lectures at 5am or 9pm or during a workout and not having to sit through hours of lecture in person.

14) My dedication: I am able to achieve what I set my mind to and see my giant plans through. 

15) The running trails: I never knew how great having easy access to 30+ miles of running paths just down the street would be when we moved here, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

16) Prince: Yes I love his music, did you see his performance on Jimmy Fallon last week?

17) Cooking and making new recipes

18) My ProCompression socks

19) Running in fresh snow: As much as I hate winter there is nothing more peaceful.

20) Being injury free and healthy: After months/years of tough times and no idea what was wrong I am happy for answers and feeling great

What makes you happy? Do you take time to remember these things?

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  1. You definitely have lots to be thankful for! I do too!!! I am thankful for my ability to run, my family, and my relationship with God....just to name a few! ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, some days I need help remembering these things

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)

  4. Replies
    1. :) Helps us to think about these things

  5. What a great list! I'm thankful for fast approaching Spring weather.(I'm being optimistic too!).

    1. After 2' of snow I am being way too optimistic here!


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