March: Please bring sun!

February was the month to jump into my new changes, I began the final semester of NP school and am well into clinical hours, started training for marathon #21 and tried surviving this rough weather. So what did I do this month:

·                      Finished 30 Day Yoga Challenge on the 15th and I think I am hooked
·                     Currently in Week 6 of marathon training, feeling good and focusing on speed and distance but very much done with this weather.
·                     2-3 days a week spin class (thinking I may cut 1 out do increase running)
·                     3 days a week strength and setting new weight PRs
·                     Still no swimming and skipped the half marathon, too cold!
·                     215.1 running miles (just short of 220 goal)

  •        Organize the house: next up the bedroom and office, Oops forgot about this!
  •          Re-design my blog, No time yet! but started Marathon Monday
  •           I have gained a few more clients
  •       The end of grad school is in sight! I month down, 2 to go and I sit through a review course (30 hours worth) this weekend

·                     No more diet soda!
·                     Still a lot of mindless eating but better and picking healthier options
·                     Added in a few new recipes: cabbage rolls, kung pao tofu, and red lentil soup

·                     Volunteered at Pre-school Valentine’s party
·                     Dinner with friends and couple fun morning workouts with friends
·                     Matt and I had a nice sushi dinner out a few weeks back

March means the start of race season while being a crazy grad student and ramping up marathon training. I am entering week 7 of marathon training and hoping to stay healthy and injury free now that the foot issue is gone. Please bring warmer weather and melt the snow and ice, I need better running paths, No more treadmill running!

Fitness Goals
·                       230+ running miles
·                       1st half marathon of 2013 (tough course but goal = 1:35)
·                        Swim at least 1x so I can decide about a triathlon this summer
·                         Cut back spin 2x week to add in another run workout

Life Goals
·                     Organize the house: next up the bedrooms
·                      Make a plan for studying for boards after this weekend’s review course

·                     No more stress/mindless eating!
·                     Limit processed foods
·                     Continue to add 1 new recipe per week
·                     Work on pre/post workout fueling

·                     Plan coffee, lunch runs, etc with friends: Lunch for next Monday and long run today with friends
·                     Plan a night out with Matt
·                     Volunteer in pre-school classroom for Easter party
·                     Work on ways to help O listen and try not to get frustrated as quickly with “normal” kid behavior
·                     Continue to run with the moms run group weekly

I love that we have an indoor dome so close to run it!

 How was your February? What are you looking forward to for March?


  1. February seemed to fly by! I'm hoping that March brings some warmer weather and sunshine. I also start working with you on my running! :)

  2. What a great month you've had! I'm so glad the foot issue is resolved! And I love that you have an indoor dome to run in! That's awesome!

  3. I'm with you!! So ready for sun! I LOVE the quote!! I'm looking forward to my first non virtual race of the year!!

  4. I think we're all crazy and I'm so proud of it. I love that saying. So true.

    Looks like it was a great month!

  5. I love being "Crazy" I wouldn't want it any other way!!! You have some great goals, good luck!!

  6. My Feb was great except for the snow and ice interrupting my training plan. Hopefully we're done with that and it will begin to feel like spring soon! I'm looking forward to saying good bye to winter!

    Great month Jen!

  7. I love that quote!! You're doing great, Jen. Mindless eating is always a struggle for me, too...but when you're putting in so many miles, your body will put the snacks to good use. :)

  8. Yes! Sun please ;) Great month!

    I'm looking forward to running the NYC half marathon on St. Patrick's Day!


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