Healthy Easter

Can you believe it is almost Easter and April and there is still snow? Yuck! On Wednesday I sent my girl to preschool in a sweater, complete with the sunglasses she insisted on only to find out it was outdoor day, yep mommy fail! We have just gotten to the point of being done with this and honestly 30s don't feel bad anymore. With the hassle of jackets off and on in the car seat we just opt for a sweater instead. Luckily preschool had a stash of clothes!

Like I have mentioned before we go to a church preschool despite not going to church frequently but she is getting more out of this than sitting through a service (please no negative comments on our choices). The combination is great balance, they not only learned the story of Easter and hammered nails to the cross (brave teacher) but also took part in an egg hunt. I helped with the party and once again had a fun day, until I learned that Easter lilies are delivered that day, by the time we left I was miserable thanks to my allergy to them. The better part, guess how I discovered this: I was in a friend's wedding holding a bouquet of these in front of the church wondering why my chest was itching and I couldn't stop sneezing, ugh!

What is this end for?

Preschool Easter once again involved massive amounts of candy, marshmallows, lemonade and cookies, ugh! So what are we doing to make it healthier?

Some healthier basket ideas:
  • Puzzles
  • Hair bands
  • A small stuffed animal
  • Crayons and drawing paper
  • A small piece of dark chocolate
  • Dried fruit
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Pretzels
  • Notes from the Easter Bunny
  • "Jewelry"
  • Clothes (you buy them anyways, right?)
What are you putting in a healthy Easter basket? I think for O it is the joy of finding the eggs not necessarily what is in them. She got a Blow Pop at school, asked to look at it and proceeded to unwrap it, tell me it was red and sticky and walk to the garbage to throw it away saying "I don't like suckers, can I have the chocolate?"

Happy Easter, have a great weekend! Any fun plans? We are hoping it is nice enough to grill Easter dinner. 


  1. Happy Easter Jen! Your little girl is just way too cute!!! After church we are having friends over on Easter for lunch and egg hunts! Fun!

  2. Happy Easter! Such a cute little girl!!! My oldest went to a church preschool and I agree he got way more out of that than sitting in a service. My boys aren't getting candy for Easter and while my mom thought that was crazy its my choice they don't like candy and if its in the house then my hubby and I are tempted. I do get the kids M&M's on occasion but they eat a handful and dont want more.

  3. I would take chocolate over a sucker anyday;)

  4. I love that she threw away the sucker. I agree about the healthier Easter baskets. I guess sometimes tradition is too hard to change but maybe you could be the spark! I've been on a candy ban for 12 days now!

  5. Love this -- sounds like a great combination at the shcool -- I think we could make a lot of holidays healthier, but some people are stuck on tradition. PS your lil one is TOO cute :)

  6. I don't have kids, but I think that your ideas for healthier Easter treats are flippin' GENIOUS! I have to admit, I would enjoy most of those as an that wrong?? LOL! Cheers, Tara

  7. I was always shocked by how much candy and sweets my kids came home with from school parties. Our Easter baskets were and still are minimal candy with other fun stuff. My kids have never complained :)

  8. Great ideas for healthier Easter treats!!

  9. We also have bubbles, crayons, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, and clothes (my mom always gets clothes to put in the baskets).The new baby is getting baby toys of course.

    Love the idea of putting pretzels and dried fruit in there but I'll have to wait on that until next year. It's almost bed time!

  10. It's so refreshing to hear other Moms not giving into the "usual" Easter basket. My kids had clothes, books, toy cars, chalk and bubbles. They were thrilled! You are so right, my kids care more about finding the eggs than anything inside.

  11. Fantastic ideas! This comes in great for being healthy and those with food allergies! Love it! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    The party will be GREAT this week! We are giving away a tote full of goodies from Namaste Foods! The items are gluten free and allergy friendly! Can't wait to see what you bring to the party!

    Cindy from


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