April Showers Bring May....

Motivation to keep moving forward after a tough month

April was the month of prolonged winter, lots of complaining and healing a hamstring/glute issue. I was shoulder deep in school, clinical hours and training for marathon #21. April ended with sickness in out house. So what did I do this month:

  • Currently in Week 15 of marathon training, feeling good again after hamstring issue, now in the midst of taper.
  • 2 days a week spin class (starting cutting one out for elliptical instead)
  • 3 days a week strength
  • Completed my 4th race of the year, 10 Mile on our anniversary.
  • 255.1 running miles (Made my 255 goal!)

  •  Organize the house: next up the bedroom and office, Oops forgot about this!
  • Continue to grow coaching work, 1 new runner this month but still room for 1-2 more 
  • 2 of my 3 classes are finished!
  • Start Studying for Boards: Yes a little studying       
  • CV has been updated and job interviewing started, One offer so far, a 3rd interview and 1st interview scheduled 

  • Did 2 weeks dairy free and now back at it again
  • Snacking is out of control lately but working on it.
  • Still working on workout fueling, I am in love with Huma Gel!

  • Dance pictures are done!
  • Coffee date with friends and a few morning workouts with friends
  • I am trying very hard to be better mom, spending time with O and trying new ways to stop the behavior (ok normal 3 year old frustrations) but still need work.
  • Matt and I celebrated 11 years of marriage with a great dinner and fun race.

May means the start of Spring weather, I hope. After a few warm days we have another snowstorm on the way! I’m not joking, can you even believe this? This also means interviewing for jobs, yikes.

Fitness Goals
  • 245+ running miles
  • 2nd Half Marathon of 2013 (goal = 1:30)
  • 1st Marathon of 2013 (goal = 3:20)
  • Make rolling and icing part of daily workout routine
  • Start back to regular yoga classes, get bike outside

  • Organize the house
  • Weigh job opportunities and figure out best fit
  • Schedule board certification exam and set study plan
  • Decide if I want to finish my doctoral project or put it on hold another year, phone call with the dean today

  •  Started week of No dairy hoping it helps with my allergies and respiratory issues       
  •  Continue to add 1 new recipe per week, get back on track with meal planning
  •  Start tracking food again

  • Figure out summer activities
  • Dinner/lunches planned with friends
  • Plan a weekend vacation with friends for late May/June
  • Continue to work on ways to help O listen and try not to get frustrated as quickly with “normal” kid behavior. Help her stay calm when she gets frustrated

How was your April? What are your May Goals? Don't forget to enter my GFree Connect Giveaway 
~Kim Cowart


  1. It's so great to set goals each month and to talk about what you did/didn't accomplish afterwards.. I may start doing that!!
    Good luck in the snowstorm... it's only 60 here... ONLY because it's usually 80s!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

    1. It helps me to keep track and to break down the big year long goals:)

      60s sounds great right now!

  2. I am so inspired by you, I too will start this goal thing!! progress!

    1. Goals help me to maintain my focus :)

  3. I like the way you break your monthly goals into specific categories. I should try!

  4. Those are amazing goals! I like how you break them up into categories. Best of luck with those 3yo behvaior issues! We've got that going on in my house, too.

    1. Good to hear I am not alone, good luck as well!

  5. Great recap! I was just writing an April goals recap for tomorrow... I think I missed a month or two in 2013, but it's always helpful to look back when I remember to. Wow, so many miles- way to go!!


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