I apologize for being kind of MIA lately but yikes life has gotten in the way of. I’m trying to update more on Instagram and Facebook since they are quick and easy and I always have my phone. So make sure to follow me over there to see what’s been going on in my crazy world! As  I sat to write I had so many thoughts since it has been almost 2 weeks so I decided to turn this into something fun…

11 Excuses for not blogging:
  1. I have been redecorating our newly finished downstairs…

  1. Working on my thesis proposal and obtaining IRB approval! The semester is now over!
  2. Dog sitting, some parts made life easier since Cooper had a playmate but 2 dogs is nuts sometimes!     
  4. Shopping! I think the American Girl Store has sucked all my money! What was I thinking getting O a doll for Christmas?! But I’m having so much fun too!
  5. And now I am sick! Earlier this week bedtime was 8pm. I think this time every year we start to get hit with the winter germs and it hangs out for months.
  6. Cooking and planning for Christmas baking and meals. We are hosting this year so I get to control the nontraditional menu, yay! What’s on your menu?
  7. Trying to get what feels like hundreds of Christmas cards written!
  8. Helping plan the MRTT Holiday Party! 
  9. Feeling overwhelmed as I look at the calendar this month: Dance show, holiday parties galore, Santa, shopping and more!
  10. Best part planning a trip to Disney Land for a work conference and bringing the family! It will be a surprise to O.
  11. Planning 2015 race season. What is on your calendar?

Happy Friday! Although not much fitness related I’m linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday!


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