Weekly Goals: Back to running, I hope!

Guess what…I ran!! So anyone who follows me on FB or IG already saw my excitement yesterday but I have to share here too. My first run back in 6 weeks, yes I was smart for once and took the longer end of the range to be off even though the pain has been gone for over a week. 6 weeks no running had to be over! I’m spending the next few weeks slowly working up with low miles and only 2-3 runs per week (maxing at 10-15 miles a week).

Fitness Accomplishments
  • Daily workouts: Finished Week 12 of P90X3
  • Biking, Elliptical, Rowing and a Run
  • Main focus on Strength, Core and Flexibility
  • I signed up for a triathlon! Okay so it is indoors but still I did it.

  • Back on track after a bad week of eating
  • Finished Fall Semester! Only 2 more to go!
  • Great family Saturday with Holiday Lights Parade, Santa and dinner out
  • Dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year
  • Started Christmas baking for cookie exchange: Mint Mocha Cookies (not healthy, not GF and not for me!), next up my cookies
  • School applications in for kindergarten!

Less than 3 weeks until Christmas and 3 ½ weeks until January is here! I’m focusing on staying on track to finish the year and through the holidays ahead. This week brings MRTT Holiday Party, O’s Christmas Program and more baking.

Fitness Goals
  • Daily workouts
  • 2 runs of 20-30 minutes run/walk
  • Swim
  • Do 4 continuous pull ups

NonFitness Goals
  • Stick with weekly meal plan
  • Plan 2015 races
  • No afternoon coffee
  • No wine on weeknights
  • Christmas tree up and cards mailed

What are your goals this week? Who has started Christmas baking?


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