Lessons as an injured runner

I can’t believe this is coming from me, the runner, the girl always out training for her next race, always pushing to run further and faster, pushing through injury and pain. Well the other day I was talking to a friend I haven’t seen since summer and filling him in on my crazy fall of illness and injury. He mentioned how the 4 weeks in a boot and not running for 6 weeks much have been so tough. It got me thinking…I actually didn’t miss it, what! Okay there were a few times I wanted to be out there but most days I was content.

How did this happen? For me I need something to push myself, to challenge me, something to burn of stress. This was the key to getting me through. I found something new, I focused on strength and this was tough for me. I challenged myself everyday plus I swam which for me is so much tougher than even a marathon! I love the changes I am seeing and feeling in my body.

I am thankful for this injury, yes I know that is odd. But it has changed me, made me more well rounded and in the long run a better runner. It has taught me that I can do so much more and enjoy it. Push ups are fun and the adrenaline of kick boxing is wonderful after a tough day, yoga relaxes me and centers my mind. Plus the physical benefits are massive. I even signed up for a triathlon (okay an indoor one but still!). I'm earning to better focus on nutrition as I'm not burning crazy amounts of calories.

Yes, I’m planning a spring marathon but I’m honestly not in a hurry to get back to training. I’ll take my 2 hour workouts in other forms right now, add in some running as I feel and not stress on where I am. It will come and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. What lessons have you learned from injury?

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  1. Looks like you are handling the injury well. I would be going crazy if I wasn't able to run since I rarely crosstrain. Which I know I need to start incorporating. -L

  2. Same lesson learned Jen! Although, I have to admit, I still missed running :)

  3. POSITIVITY!!! Always see good in Everything!


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