Weekly Goals and Holidays

Last week was rough, I’m not going to lie. I skipped a couple workouts but luckily it was a transition week so less intense I just haven’t felt great and had a busy schedule but I did keep my nutrition on track for the most part. Even discovered a new all gluten free restaurant near us, yum!

Fitness Goals
  • Daily workouts Yes, but lots of yoga and less highly intense workouts
  • 2 runs of 20-30 minutes run/walk Foot was sore Monday so I skipped a few days and did 4.5 miles run/walk Saturday
  • Elliptical x2
  • Bike x2

NonFitness Goals
  • Stick with weekly meal plan
  • Plan 2015 races Still debating the big spring and fall races!
  • No afternoon coffee Does 11am coffee count?!
  • No wine on weeknights
  • Christmas tree up and cards mailed Tree is up, no lights yet!
  • O had her first Christmas program at church, she did great and had so much fun. Me not so much, woke with a migraine and despite lots of meds the signing was not fun for my head.

This will be the start of the weird work weeks for me, this week O has her dance show Wednesday so day off! Plus this weekend I’m sharing one of my favorite holiday traditions with O, The Nutcracker! We still need to do plenty of healthy baking but with just 10 days to go we are finally feeling like Christmas around here.

Fitness Goals
  • Start Elite Blocks P90X3 (Week 14)
  • Run 2-3 times
  • Bike 2x (I only have 3 weeks to finish the show I’m watching on Netflix until it leaves!)

NonFitness Goals
  • Experiment with new healthy cookies
  • Wrap presents!
  • Clean the house! We are hosting Christmas, yikes!
  • 5 minutes to myself daily to relax

What are your plans this week? Accomplishments last week? Don’t forget to enter my Khai Earth Activewear Giveaway. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another giveaway!


  1. Great week Jen! Glad to hear the foot is doing a little better!


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