August: Finally getting back

August like I have said many times is the month of new beginnings: a new job, a comeback to running strong, back to school and a change in my program, new routines and a new outlook and attitude on life. So how did I do on my goals?

1st I had my highest mileage run month all year: 237.4 miles!!
  • PR at half marathon (at least beat previous time this year 1:42) 1:37 Not a PR but better
  • Pass NASM CPT Nope, haven't even scheduled a time to take it
  • Plan workouts and stick with the plans. Did this weekly and stuck with 95% with only changes when needed
  • Plan meals and snacks and try to stick with it. Work more on further cutting out processed foods, especially for snacks. Getting better but still needs work
  • Do weekly Boot Camp Challenges Yes, did challenges for water intake, adequate sleep, increasing green veggies and pushing myself to do more
  • Swim at least 1x weekly Nope, I only swam 1x this month (plan to get there this afternoon making 2x)
  • Continue with Boot Camp and strength training Yes, 2x week boot camp, 1x week with trainer and another 1-2x weekly strength on my own
  • Make each run count, no more junk miles!Getting better, made sure to do weekly hills, speed, long runs and also easy/recovery runs

So what's ahead besides a busy month and cooler weather; I am hoping to stay caught up on work and school while still managing my workouts. My September goals:
  • PR at the half marathon (tomorrow)
  • PR at 10 Mile race 
  • Get better at PT exercises - at least 3x week
  • Get back in the habit of weekly menu planning and making 1-2 meals on Sunday to have ready
  • Organize 1 room in the house each week
Other plans for September without and real goal:
  • 35 mile Family bike (and yes I mean family: my parents, FIL and nephews and us of course)
  • 5K Mud Factor
  • The start of our first "real" dance classes
  • Enjoy some fun Fall activities: apple picking, corn maze and planning for Halloween
Sure someone will be disappointed when swimsuits are no longer all she has to wear!
Have a great 3 day weekend! What are your September goals?


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Goals for me are to train for a half on the 20th and get back to studying for NASM. I need to get cracking! Have a great weekend:)

    1. Studying is so hard! Really need to start scheduling it into my day.

  2. So excited for you- you had an amazing month!! My August was actually my lowest mileage month-- I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum right now, but hoping to ramp back up and get a few prs this fall. Good luck tomorrow!

    1. You are being smart with your running and the prs will come :)

  3. What a fantastic August, congrats!
    I can't wait to walk again - darn broken leg - that's my number one goal for September.

    xx SPA love

  4. Good luck tomorrow. Wow! That is some serious mileage for Aug. I'm hoping for a whole 60 miles next month. :)

    Popping by from Fitness Cheerleader's challenge. You can read my goals here.

    1. Good luck with your goals too and the 60 miles :)

  5. What an amazing month! Aug was my lowest mileage month in a long time. I'm still narrowing down my Sept goals to a doable number.

    1. I too have such a long goal list that I need to pick the most important ones :)


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