Weekly Goals

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How did I do last week?

Goal #1 Boot Camp goal for the week is to eat more leafy greens (at least 2 servings daily). I am on a salad kick right now so thins shouldn't be too hard. I did fine but worse then then at home when I ate salad lunch daily.

Goal #2 Plan meals and snacks, this will be important as I return to work this week. I don't want to get in the quick food habit again. Meals good, snacks need work!

Goal #3 Plan my workouts and stick with them: Speedwork and Hill run, boot camp and strength. Got them all in, with a little switching of days!
Goal #4 Spend at least 30 min each day focusing on what my daughter wants to do. Not so great, we made it to the park a couple times, read books and colored but I need to be better on days I have a lot I need to get done.

Now for this week...

Goal #1 Plan and stick with workouts and other work/school tasks...Time for daily to do lists.
  • Mon: Strength
  • Tues: AM Boot Camp PM: Run
  • Wed: AM Speed Run PM: ?? Bike or swim or rest
  • Thurs: AM Boot Camp PM: Strength
  • Fri: AM: Bike PM: Run
  • Sat: AM Run (Half Marathon) PM: Strength
  • Sun: AM: Run (easy)

  • Goal #2 Only snack when I am hungry and stick with healthy choices; as always what is your favorite to go snack?

    Goal #3 Finally have a good race at the Half- A: 1:40 B: 1:37 C: 1:35 Besides the time goal I want to finish feeling like I gave it my all.

    August Challenge Day 13: Inspirational Quote: I have a few but recently saw this (thanks Pinterest) and thought it was fitting for everything I have been doing lately.


    1. Good luck with all your goals girl!!! I love that quote!!!

      1. Thanks! I really liked the quote too :-)

    2. Good luck with your goals this week! It looks like you have a great plan setup, you should do awesome!

      1. Thanks, so far things are going good :-)

    3. I only snack when I am bored :) I am trying to take healthier snacks to work wiht me to help!

      1. Having the healthy options is key. I am trying to keep plenty of fruits and veggies on hand.

    4. Looks like you've got an awesome plan in place for tackling this week's goals! Great job with last week and I hope this one goes equally as well! I'm with you on the snacking goal... I'm a teacher and starting back to school has made me want to snack nonstop!

      1. Thanks and good luck to you as well on the snacking :-)


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