The week: Food, wine and a near mommy fail

August Challenge Day 23 The best thing to happen to you this week: So much this past week has been great that I can't really narrow it down to only one thing. Sometimes it is good to focus on all the wonderful things that are going right instead of dwelling on the negative so I am just going to take a little time to do that.

My week of good things

-I finally ran a half marathon feeling good and now can feel like I am truly coming back.

-Matt and I spent a fun afternoon relaxing at the Homegrown Experience and enjoying some great food and wine.

-More free coffee for my birthday and this one from my favorite place


-Sushi from my favorite restaurant and wine for birthday dinner with my two favorite people.
crazy tuna green tea rainbow naruto

-Of course plenty of tough workouts: alone, with Matt and O, with friends and with my trainer. I love how each has it's own purpose for me. Some are social and just a great time to chat and relax, others are a time to work and push myself harder then I thought possible.

-This morning a tough boot camp in the rain

-A near mommy fail was saved thanks to a great gymnastics teacher. I forgot to sign O up for fall session and it is full with a wait list already but thanks to a little girl with a great personality and her wonderful teacher she is in.
Can you imagine the look on this sassy face had I not gotten her in?!

And best yet, I feel that this is only the start to bigger and better things. I am feeling good about the start of my 34th year, oh wait I only turned 25 yesterday ;-)

What has been the best part of your week so far?


  1. Glad you have had such a great week! Lots to be thankful for:) Best part of my week was finishing my 1st triathlon on Sunday! Woohoo!

  2. Happy Birthday! You had a really good week. Congrats on the half marathon.

    As for me, I wouldn’t really call this the “best” thing to happen to me, but it is life-changing:


    1. Thanks Lisa :) Kids starting school is a big thing luckily I still have a couple years.

  3. So glad you had a great birthday week and that everything turned out with gymnastics.

    1. Thanks Abby, I am so happy gymnastics worked out or I would have been in trouble with a 2 year old :(


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