Weekly Goals

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How did I do last week...

Goal #1 Plan and stick with workouts and other work/school tasks, pretty caught up on work stuff and only skipped one workout due to leg issues subbed in pilates for a run.

Goal #2 Only snack when I am hungry and stick with healthy choices. Much better, only one or two days that I can remember with over snacking when I truly wasn't hungry.

Goal #3 Finally have a good race at the Half- A: 1:40 B: 1:37 C: 1:35 Besides the time goal I want to finish feeling like I gave it my all. I ran my A goal, but felt like I should have continued to push more.

Now for this week...

Goal #1 Workouts...
  • Mon: AM: Bike PM: Strength
  • Tues: AM: Boot Camp PM: Run
  • Wed: AM: Speed Run PM: Strength
  • Thurs: AM: Boot Camp PM: Run
  • Fri: AM: Run PM: Strength or Bike or Pilates
  • Sat: AM: Run PM: Swim
  • Sun: AM: Long Run

  • Goal #2 Eating: Stick with planned meals and limit the birthday treats and drinks.

    Goal #3 Lay out my semester schedule for both teaching and my own school and make a plan of attack.

    Goal #4 Spend quality time with family and hubby. Matt and I had a great afternoon and a food tasting yesterday and now that we both start school again we need to keep not only this going but also activities with our daughter.

    August Challenge Day 20: List your 5 must-have fitness items:
    1. Water Bottle and pre/post workout fuel
    2. Fully stocked iPod for indoor workouts
    3. Good shoes and shorts- Asics Kayano or Brooks Pure Connect for me and Nike Tempo shorts
    4. The attitude to improve and push harder when times are tough
    5. Workout parnters to help motivate and push: For me this is my trainer and running friends
    What are your fitness must haves?


    1. my 5 are: iPod, Brooks running shoes, my yoga mat, water, a ponytail holder! Love it! Have a great week!

      1. Love my short heair and never needing to find a ponytail holder!

    2. My musts: 1. water, 2. time, 3. compression shorts, 4. my Brooks, 5. headband

      Awesome job on your goals!!! I would kill for that half time! Good luck on your goals for the coming week!

      1. I love compression socks but have never tried the shorts, do you feel they help with leg fatigue?

    3. Good luck on all your goals this week! My musts: Garmin, running skirt, sweaty band or bondi band, pre-run waffle with peanut butter, and my Asics running shoes. :-)

      1. Waffle with PB something I have never tried that, but love the sound of it :)

    4. Wait - you ran a 1/2 mary in 1:40? Holy speedy! You rock!


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