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I want to thank Danielle for her great post on why she runs. Check out other fitness posts for the blog swap. Thanks Katie for hosting. Now here is Danielle...
Hi everyone! It’s Danielle from It’s A Harleyyy Life!

This month Jen and I are blog swapping! We are both SweatPink Ambassadors and when we were asked about doing a Blog Swap we both jumped to join!
After a lot of brainstorming we came up with the topic: Why We Run! So lets get to it.
Some background information about me:
Growing up I was always involved in sports.

I hated running long distances {aka a mile back then} and I was more of a sprinter. I remember this one time I was playing travel soccer and they gave us a workout plan to follow during the summer… yah well that lasted one day. It just wasn’t and still really isn’t my thing but we’ll get there.
In college like most people I gained the freshman 15 {more like 20} I didn’t really realize it though until the summer before my senior year.

I had to get it in gear and well I started running. Not far though. 20 minutes top. At this time I still hated running {and still kind of do} About 2 years ago I got out of the whole workout thing. I decided I could just eat less and be the same weight and not have to workout {not smart duh Danielle}

It wasn’t until I came across Julie’s Blog at about a year and a half ago that I decided hmm.. maybe I could like working out again and that it was the right thing to do!
I signed up for my first 5k race. It was hard. I trained first using couch to 5K then I started running while watching the news. {I’m a producer for a local news station} I finally found a way that I can do it and enjoy it…{just for 30 minutes anyways} I did awesome when my 5k came setting a PR {it was my only one} and I was proud of myself.

I loved the feeling of overcoming the obstacles along the way and completing something that is really hard for me!

It wasn’t until I started my blog in March of this year that I started to like running.

I joined this community that loved to workout. It made me love to workout. Reading about it and learning more about how running can benefit you and to see that people can really run like 3 miles away and live to tell about it made me believe in it.

I’m not the fastest runner. I haven’t ran a marathon or even a half marathon. Running is still hard for me. Everyday I hit an obstacle. My personal distance record right now is 6 miles and knowing I could run that far blew my mind! It is seriously an awesome feeling!

So back to what this blog post is really about. Why do I run?
I run for the feeling of accomplishment.
Running is an escape for me. It is just my ipod, my sneakers hitting the pavement, and my thoughts.
I run to feel strong.
I also run to burn calories.
My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle and running helps me achieve that goal!

Why do you run?
Well I just wanted to thank Jen for letting me post on her blog! It has been fun sitting down and remembering everything I have achieved! If you’d like to learn more about me or follow me here is some more of my information.
twitter: @itsaharleyylife
facebook: It’s A Harleyyy Life
instagram: itsaharleyyylife
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