Hug a Runner Day

Did you know that today is Hug a Runner Day? Neither did I, guess there is a day for everything. I can't say I am much of a hugger but I love the concept. Did you know there is even a training page for this? Yes check on the G.O.H.A.R.D plan on Run The Edge.

Let's all take today to think about those who have inspired us to run and push harder and take some time to reflect on how runner has changed our lives. Yes we often compete against others when we run, but aren't those the same people who push us to run harder and faster and overcome the obstacle holding them back. At my 10 Mile race a few weeks ago, despite the race not going my way when I finished another woman approached me and thanked me for pushing her the last few miles. I passed her about Mile 8 and she made it her goal to not let me get too far ahead. I know we have all done the same, appreciate others who we train with and race with and the family and friends who support us along the way.

Who inspires you? How has running made your life better?

Now go grab a friend and celebrate with a run


  1. Oh gosh, running has changed me mentally and physically in so many ways. It's taught me to push the envelope more than I had before.

    1. Very true, running is great for all aspects of life!

  2. Running has given me a sense of accomplishment in my week, and more confidence to try new things.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, Jen!


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