Menu Planning 11/25 & Weekly Goals

We are about to enter a strange week with Matt home since my parents are on vacation we are splitting the week home so I thought I'd try a new thing this week and make a list along with looking at workout goals. Here's what is ahead for us this week, plenty of food with leftovers for the work week and a new Pad Thai recipe now that I have the missing ingredient. 

Today is also Day 1 of the big Gluten Free experiment with O so lots of planning ahead. Let's hope this works! 

Black Bean Soup
Pad Thai (I finally have the tamarind paste!)
Pre-run Sandwich and fruit x 2
Dinner Out
Roasted Cauliflower & Red Curry Squash

Sunday: Short run & elliptical 
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: AM spin/ PM run
Wednesday: Weights & easy run
Thursday: AM Pilates/ PM run
Friday: AM Weights/ PM Spin
Saturday: Long run

I am taking part in a couple holiday challenges and need to focus starting today on my eating, next up giving up diet soda again. After many years of no soda I gave in to extreme fatigue and have been back to drinking a few cans a week.

Looking ahead to 2013 and taking advantage of Black Friday weekend race discounts, some local races are offering 1/2 price entries or free races when you register for others in the series, nice! This will help me reach my goal of 13 halfs in 2013. What is your 2013 goal? Are you in for 13 in 2013, details on the way...


  1. Hope your week goes well! I am considering the 13 in 13... curious to hear more about it. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

    1. You too Laura, the info is coming soon :)

  2. I tried gluten free when I changed to a vegan diet. It's tough! Everything has gluten. I ended up a gluten minimalist :)

    1. Gluten free is tough with all the hidden things, I do fine with minimal gluten but any more and I am suffering!


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