The 12 Days of Halloween

Okay not quite 12 but 8 days, when did this holiday get to be such a huge deal?! I guess when you have a child. Anyone else experience this craziness with kids and Halloween?

Day 1 24th
Dance class party and treats...
Notice her 3 legs? I tried my iPhone panorama picture and I guess this is the result when kids move!

Day 2 25th
Spooktacular kid's party at the gym complete with fall painting, bouncy house and pumpkin painting (guess who got their Boston jacket full of paint!)

Day 3 26th
Playdate Halloween party with her gymnastics friends for more pumpkin painting, treats, games and dancing.

Day 4 27th
City trick or treating on Main Street, such a fun thing; kids get treats parents get coupons and their own treats. Then we did lunch with sweet potato fries and a Crispin Cider!

Day 5 28th
Pumpkin Carving, not as elaborate as last year. I headed out for a run and came home to two smiling pumpkin and piles of seeds ready to roast!

Day 6 29th
Storytime at the library with Halloween theme and dress up and I'm sure more treats and candy.

Day 7 30th
Gymnastics Halloween party for O during the day and costume run and 5K for my run group at night. Yes I even dressed up! Can you tell we all had the same idea to raid our children's dress up clothes!

Day 8 31st
Started with a school Halloween party, complete with huge frosted cookies, don't get me started on that! And we have finally arrived at the actual holiday itself, time to trick or treat and collect massive amounts of candy that we don't need or want. Kind of an odd concept if you ask me!

Lucky for me she really doesn't care about the candy, just loves collecting it. We let her pick out a couple things to keep: she chose fortune cookies, pretzels and Teddy Grahams; and I traded her the rest for a treat from the store: she chose freeze dried fruit!

Best of all mommy got one small bag of Candy Corn! Now I am happy, my favorite candy and I deserve it after avoiding buying (and eating) a massive bag all by myself.

Maybe if I was more creative I would have even made a 12 days of Halloween song...anyone want to do this for me?

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  1. Well you definitely got your money's worth on that costume this year!!! Fun! Candy corn are so dangerous for me... like girl scout cookies... can't eat just one!

    1. Yes, candy corn is evil! I am so happy it is only a small bag :)

  2. wow what a jam packed halloween week! I dont think as a kid mine ever lasted this long but it all looks like a blast! (:

    1. No kidding, I remember one day as a kid, this was crazy!

  3. That was a lot of Halloween stuff. I thought we had a lot but you guys put us to shame. And I am finding the boatload of candy to be excellent for disciplining Zach - every time he talks back I take a piece of his candy and throw it away. With all the candy he collected this could go on for weeks.


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