Bring it on 2013!

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post my attitude about 2012 is not the best and as I rethink how it all went down and look at my goals I become even more disappointed in many aspects of myself but also see my strength and changes in others. A friend summed it up pretty well: "I had a plan and it changed now I can't figure out a plan that makes me happy."

2012 Results
  • sub 3:30 marathon (would love sub 3:20) PRs at other distances: No PRs in 2012
  • Add in yoga or pilates 1-2x week: I did manage yoga once and pilates a little more
  • Do an tri again, meaning I need to start swimming: Another fail here, no tri but I did swim a few times
  • Strength training 2-3x week and XT 2x week: My only success! Regular 3x week strength training and 2x week spin class
  • Run a 50K: Nope, sat it out due to injury
  • Graduate!! and pass boards: No, after issues with clinical placement I decided to take an incomplete and finish this spring instead
  • Decide on the plan for my project (either start again in fall or wait another year): I guess I decided to wait!
  • Spend more time with friends, make a point to see people monthly: Somewhat, but could be better
  • Bike to work in better weather: Nope!
  • Plan menus each week with more diversity and develop more recipes: Finally another success
  • Ran 2126.1 total miles
  • Became RRCA Certified Run Coach & NASM Certified CPT
Embrace tomorrow and make it what I want!
As I sit here looking to what 2013 has in store for me and my first race of the year and wondering why I live in the nasty tundra (it is -11F as I type) I am aiming to have a positive attitude. 
Fitness Goals
  • Sub 3:30 marathon (okay actually 3:15 is what I really want)
  • sub 1:30 half marathon
  • 1:08 10 MIle
  • sub 43:00 10K
  • sub 20:00 5K
  • Run 13 Halfs
  • Complete a Triathlon (meaning I need to swim!)
  • Run 2500 Miles
  • Give yoga a try
Life Goals
  • Organize the house 1 room at a time
  • Figure out what will make me happy in life and find it! I will have a better 2013 :)
  • Think about what is important in my life and embrace it
  • Continue to grow my blog and write about topics important to me and other fitness parents
  • Figure out how to incorporate my new NASM CPT into my career
  • Read (Thanks SLG for suggesting it to help relax)
  • Look at exactly what I am eating and improve
  • Read nutrition books: Any suggestions?
  • Limit processed foods
  • No more diet pop!
  • Experiment with more recipes
  • Start Pre-School with kiddo
  • Monthly dates with hubby
  • Make friends a priority as life gets busy: coffee, runs, etc
  • Plan a fun 3rd birthday party
  • Limit computer time in evenings
Happy New Year: Bring it on 2013!

2013 will not defeat me!


  1. Happy 2013!

    Dont worry about not reaching some of your 2012 plans. Bigger picture (several-years plan ???) is more important. You got trainer certification, found out you do not want to do as a job, co-organized 13 in 2013... And as long as you enjoyed moments and created memories with O and hubby it must have been a good year.

    1. Thank you, great point the bigger picture is so much more important :)

  2. So glad to have found your blog through 13in2013 ... your post was just like reading mine! I only accomplished 2 and well ... they were easy ones :) We got this this year!!!! Looking forward to following you :)

  3. That Joplin quote is so true and something I can definitely work on. I think your 2012 was great and 2013 will be even better:)

  4. You did not fail on any of these. When New Year's rolls around we all get excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of us. We make ginormous (yeah, that's a word ;-) ) lists that can't possibly be accomplished by a normal human. Then as days move forward we have to prioritize, whether consciously or subconsciously. We have husbands, kids, pets, jobs. This unexpected thing happened or the other. While we all want to win our personal version of the Olympics we don't have unlimited resources to make that happen.

    Be happy, be thrilled, that you moved forward and grew as a human being. That's all that matters.

    1. I love the word ginormous! Thank you, this is all so true :)

  5. Great list! I'm excited about the PR goals the most--it will be fun to follow along.

    1. Can't wait to follow your quest too :)

  6. Good luck with your 2013 goals! Those are some good ones.

    1. Thanks, I am hoping this will be my year :)


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