Marathon Training Week 2 & Menu Planning

Linking up with Jill and Laura for menu planning despite my lack of ambition and ability to plan ahead. I think we have hit a food rut and realized we are rotating the same meals constantly so I decided to think outside our typical. What is your go to meal? My goal is to add in 1 new meal a week.
Sunday: Black Bean burgers & sweet potato fries on the grill
Monday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday: Squash Mac N Cheese (leftovers from birthday lunch)
Wednesday: Tortilla Soup
Thursday: Pancakes
Friday: Spinach Chickpea Curry
Saturday: ??

I did make a few recipe discoveries this week: Apple Egg Nog Granola and Peanut Stir Fry, recipes coming.
 By far my favorite sports quote.
How did this past week go? As I mentioned earlier my motivation was gone and things weren’t exactly as I hoped. Thursday and Friday got me back on track, but Saturday I cut my run short due to calf pain- a little stretching and rolling and I think we are good.
Sunday: 9mile easy morning run & weights
Monday: 4.6 mile Run & Yoga Class
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy 8 mile Run with a friend
Wednesday: 8 mile Afternoon Run & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: 9.1 mile Morning Run (speed work) & Yoga
Friday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights
Saturday: 8.5 mile Morning Run, Yoga 

My motivation seems to have returned along with above 0 temperatures! I can’t wait for tomorrow when it will be in the 30s. After almost 2 weeks of consistent yoga I think I am hooked. I went to my first class last week and actually enjoyed it, some of it was tough!

What’s my plan for this week?
Sunday: Long morning run 14 miles & afternoon weights
Monday: 3-4 miles Easy Run & Yoga Class
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy evening Run
Wednesday: Morning Run (Speed Intervals) & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights
Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga Class
Saturday: Morning 8-10 mile Run & Afternoon weights

I love marathon training, can’t wait to get longer runs and more speed work. Is there anything better then pushing further and going beyond your limits? Marathon training is all about doing what I love and becoming stronger mentally and physically.


  1. So glad you made to a real yoga class! Keep it up, you will find it to be so challenging. The really good yoga teachers amaze me! And make me feel very out of shape...

    1. It is amazing how tough some is! I am going again today, can't wait!

  2. I hear you about getting stuck in food ruts. So glad your motivation is back- I'm excited for your marathon training cycle!

    1. My biggest goal is to stay injury free this training cycle :)

  3. Wow. I cannot believe you workout 7 days a week at least 2 times a day. That is both crazy and amazing. How fabulous.
    I currently and starting my new training cycle, but will only be working out once a day 6 days a week. Trying not to get reinjured.

    1. Thanks, I just got in the habit and it stuck. My goal too is to stay injury free.

  4. Great job on those workouts girl! I am amazed by you!!!


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