Menu Planning & Marathon Training Week 1

Back to post-vacation reality and menu planning and my normal eating habits. As much as I love vacation, it is great to be back to my own food, cooking and workout schedule! Linking up with Jill and Laura. We added gluten back in this past week with no change for O so looks like that experiment is over and she is officially off gluten free.
Sunday: Veggie Pizza
Tuesday: Run Night- Sandwich and fruit
Wednesday: Pad Thai
Friday: Grilled Sandwiches with Sweet Potato “fries”
Saturday: Lentil Tacos

This past week in workouts was much different and without any plans, it was wonderful to be back outside running in warmth and sun! Matt and I managed almost daily morning runs and I got in 3 days of weights in the afternoon with some time on the spin bike during naps. I am happy to say I am on Day 6 of my 30 day Yoga Challenge! Week 1 of marathon training starts tomorrow, guess I better write myself a training plan.
My running scenary last week

Sunday: Yoga, Run & Afternoon Weights
Monday: Morning Long Run & Yoga
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Evening Run
Wednesday: Morning Run & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon Weights, Yoga
Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga
Saturday: Morning Run, Yoga 
Most “Pin-able” Motivational Images of 2012!


  1. Welcome back! So is O's stomach still bothering her? Are you going to try cutting out something else? Hope you figure it out!

    1. We have tried dairy and now gluten and no change, not sure what next. Waiting on some test results from the dr.

  2. Welcome home! Sounds like it was a wonderful vacation. That's a serious workout plan!!

    I hope the doc is helpful with figuring it all out!

    1. It was a great vacation and much needed.


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