Monday, September 30, 2013

Marathon Weekly: Taper Time!

Coffee & macarons
Week 15 and the peak of marathon training! I loved this week for that but it was also the week of pure craziness and new beginnings. As I have mentioned before Morgan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma earlier this month, we met with the oncology vet on Monday and as Morgan underwent a bone biopsy on Tuesday we found out the damage was extensive leading to a fast forward on amputation by 10 days. SO Wednesday he became a 3 legged pup, but is doing great (follow his journey at Morgan Runs). He came one Thursday night, meaning lack of sleep and a long Friday that ended in a sick kiddo who I finally brought in on Sunday and O has strep!

Monday: Morning run with a new running friend 7.5 miles and afternoon run/walk with Matt 5 miles strength with trainer
Tuesday: Evening run coaching 6 miles hills
Wednesday: Strength and 30 min elliptical
Thursday: Morning intervals 6.5 miles 45:00 Afternoon run (break between work and meeting) 4.25 miles speedwork
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 22.25 miles 3:16:21
Sunday: 5.5 mile easy recovery run ½ mile walk with Morgan and yoga

Week 16 and taper time! Watch out, I seriously hate this time, give me high mileage any day.

Monday: Early work day so afternoon stength
Tuesday: Spin in morning and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Morning run, Strength with trainer
Thursday: Morning spin and evening run
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 10K Race + 10 miles on own
Sunday: Volunteer at TCM Medical Tent, so I hope I don’t see anyone I know!

How was your week? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bring on the salt!

Well that was interesting! Over the past few months (okay years actually) I've had issues with tachycardia and becoming lightheaded, sweating and nearly passing out. This seems to be getting worse so I finally gave in last Friday and saw a doctor, yes despite working in medicine I avoid obtaining healthcare for myself! 

After some routine labs (all normal) which showed I am no longer anemic and my thyroid is finally at a good level, yay that doesn't happen often, got to love hypothyroid I was referred to a cardiologist. The appointment started as normal...EKG, orthostatic blood pressures which are low as always and a pulse of 50....and now wait for the doctor.

Enter the doctor and we run through symptoms, history, etc including my eating patterns and I mention I run and workout most days. We talk more he gives me his possible diagnosis ideas and starts to set up further tests as I ask "will there be any issue running?" And now it gets interesting...

"Well how much do you run?"

Me: "50-60 miles a week." 

Doctor is laughing! What? "You didn't tell you ran that much, well that changes everything."  He continued to go on about how much I ran and how that combined with my size, persistent low pulse and blood pressure were due to chronic dehydration and low sodium...

No wonder my sodium is low with all that salt sweated on my hat!

What?? I drink what feels like gallons of water a day. But my body just has a delicate fluid balance, now combine that with my extreme salty sweat and I am in trouble. So we put further testing on hold in exchange for get this...a high salt diet! What cardiologist prescribes that? I was told to focus on drinking enough to pee clear hourly and overdose on salt for a week or two and see how I feel. This is all great in theory but I am not a fan of salty foods. Today my grocery cart didn't look like my own...

Love the sweet potato chipotle hummus combo!

What is your favorite salty food? Bonus for healthy options!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Marathon Weekly

Week 14 yikes, so this is my new reality?! Okay not so much but like I mentioned last week was nuts, Matt was gone and I worked like 50 hours after being home for months. Despite this I worked on fitting in my workouts and focused on healthy eating.

Monday: Morning run 6 miles /core
Tuesday: Morning 45 min elliptical and strength, Evening 5 mile run (hills)
Wednesday: 13 hours at work, lots of walking
Thursday: Run 10K Race (report coming)
Friday: Rest (lots of walking at work) core
Saturday: 7.5 Mile run and strength
Sunday: 13 Miles (Yes, I did a 10 Mile race but “quit” and headed back to run with a friend)
Saturday Morning Run: Beautiful!

Week 15 and I am back at the peak of marathon training! I love this week, yes I am crazy! Bring it on…

Monday: Morning run, 7.5 miles 1:00:02 with a new running friend and afternoon strength with trainer
Tuesday: Spin in morning and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Afternoon run (break between work and meeting) speedwork
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 20-22 miles
Sunday: Yoga and strength

How was your week? Are you close to the big race or just beginning?

Finally here it is...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Winners and a crazy week!

A quick post and run, I apologize for my intense lack of posting and responding lately but this first week at work has been an adjustment and to make it even crazier I got to play the role of single parent all week while Matt was at a conference. Combine full time work (complete with late days) with my run job, a race and myself and our babysitter being sick and you have insanity! And to make things even crazier O left her lovey at school on Friday so bedtime was NOT fun! Deep breath, I survived and the rest of my work life will be super easy, right?!

Now on to the fun part...Winners! Sorry for the delay but here are the winners from the Birthday Bash Giveaway...

Jennifer Boudreau- Sweat Pink 
Kalee Sorey- Active Accessories 
Kristy Wilson- Procompression 
Carrie Austin- Nuun

Lisa Jones- Chike 

You should be getting an email from Jill or I soon.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Marathon Weekly

Guess what I decided this week...
Can't wait, who else is joining me in April?

Week 13 the heat has come and gone and finally in Fall weather, I was much smarter and felt great this week.

Monday: 21 mile Bike and core
Tuesday: Strength with trainer 4.5 mile of ¼ mile speed intervals and Evening 5 mile run coaching
Wednesday: 4 mile walk and Dance: 90 minute class one and only!
Thursday: Run 8 miles and strength/core
Friday: 21.7 miles 3:08:44 (8:44 pace)
Saturday: Change of plans, instead of pacing I was the medical team! 2 mile walk in afternoon
Sunday: 14.3 miles 1:58 (8:16 pace) I tried UCan for the first time since my bad experience with the plain last winter and I love it! 1 serving pre-run and only water during and I felt great, could have kept running. Last mile was 7:26!

Week 14 marks the start of work for me, so things will get interesting as I learn to fit in workouts and family time.

Monday: 4 miles in 31:00 done! and core
Tuesday: Spin in morning and Evening 5 mile run coaching
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: 10K Race
Friday: Strength
Saturday: Easy Run 6-8 Miles
Sunday: 10 Mile Race with additional 4 miles. Strength in afternoon

How was your week? Have you tried UCan? 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Giving in and moving on! I can not return to the past...

"Oh my" is all I can say after Wednesday night! I had been wavering on my idea to start dance again for a while and finally got up the nerve to make the drive to the studio on Wednesday night despite every bit of me wanting to stay home and relax. I had talked with the teacher during the day at O’s class and was reassured I would not be the oldest one there and given permission to try it out, which made me feel a little better.

This class was aimed at “young adults” and the other class at “adults 35+ well I guess I have now crossed to the second but aren’t we only as old as we feel? As I walked down the hall to the studio I was texting a friend who I used to dance with and I sent her this message “I’m old enough to be their mother!” and sure enough I walked in to class with girls just out of high school! One girl came up to tell me she felt out of place being out of dance for 3 years, ha! 3 years…try 15 years!

We warmed up which was great; a lot of stretching, core work and simple dance moves. Then these girls plopped down in to the splits! These runner legs have lost that ability, yikes! Now time for turns and leaps across the floor and luckily the terminology came back quickly as nothing was explained! This group had been dancing together for years, only a few of us were new. I managed this fine except that my ability to turn without dizziness is lacking! Then came the time to start learning combinations for the dance, first week already?! I had chosen not to buy shoes in case I chose not to continue and turning on bare feet sucks!

Lyrical came right back (although a little slow) and I was finally catching on. I love this form…I grew up doing ballet and jazz for many years and loved it, even took classes through college. I’m sure my form needed work but this is where I feel comfortable, your body just flows nothing is rough and static. Lyrical tells a story and is such great dance.

Next up tap and yep 15 years later (actually 20 years since tap) and I still do NOT enjoy tap! Ugh! But I survived the 30 minutes of tap, at least the song was decent and dance not terrible but once again back to “let’s do that combination from last year.” And minimal instruction. After 90 minutes I had survived, but barely at times! 

So while I love dance I have decided that it is impossible to return to your past life! This and the fact that the class ends about 1 hour past my bedtime make it tough. I haven’t completely ruled out the idea of dancing again, it just won’t be here. I am looking into just ballet/lyrical classes on a drop in basis and weekend afternoons when I am still functioning. I honestly have no desire to wear a costume, be in a recital and compete again which is part of this class. I need to get that side of an activity gone, I compete against myself enough when it comes to running!

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. - Martha Graham #BeEpic

So here I am waving the white wave…I surrender and accept the fact that I am no longer that 16 year old who could dance for hours, do the splits, double and triple turns and leap across the floor with ease. I am a mom, a runner and will have to relive my dance life through my daughter!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Racing for myself and my buddy

My plan for my 8th half of 2013 quickly changed on Friday when my priorities in life changed in seconds. Like I mentioned on Friday we had another appointment with Morgan to discuss his on going leg pain and thinking we were ending with an ortho consult and likely ACL surgery. Well as we walked out the vet made a last minute decision to redo an xray from last month to get a better view of something and that’s when the bad news came. Morgan’s knee is fine, instead there is a tumor on his femur. The likely cause of this is osteosarcoma and the only treatment is to remove the tumor which is his case means amputation. This would then be followed by chemo since most dogs already have some metastasis. The worst part, besides knowing that this is cancer, is the pain that the leg is causing him. We are working hard on pain medication and keeping him resting but with an active 70lb dog that is rough.

When I woke on Saturday morning for the race I was not focused and just wanted to run for myself. As my typical pre-race this summer I haven’t felt “right” when I get there, just lacking that feeling of strength and force to run. We grabbed our race bibs and headed to the start for the first ever pre-race briefing at a road race, yep this is sponsored by a triathlon group! I was amazed to see how many people had lined up so early for a small race, the difference between triathletes and runners! It was hot and thick, 70s already before race start. As start time neared I lined up by the 1:40 pacer and noticed I was one of the few women up here! And we were off…

I cranked my iPod and got lost in my own run, I soon found myself running what felt super easy with the 1:35 pacer, nice! I kept running and had a great (timewise) first 4 miles then the course turned and the shade was gone, ugh! And soon so was the road, what?! I thought this was a road race but we were now running an uphill portion of an acorn covered trail, ouch! I was thrilled to see the road returning but soon discovered this was not great either…bring on the heat and bugs! We ran a long stretch on a road along a field and were swarmed by bugs, soon my back was covered with bugs stuck to my sweat and I’m sure I ate my share. This was not going over well since I am terrified of any type of insect, yes full out phobia!

During this horrendous stretch I passed a dog walking who looked very much like my happy Morgan and as he had been in my mind all morning, it hit me I was running for my first real running buddy. Time didn’t matter, the discomfort I had was nothing compared to his leg pain and I could do this. I was running for all the miles we had logged. I was soon fighting the tears again as I ran and remembering some of our runs. Including the time I stupidly pointed out ducks and he proceeded to run down a muddy hill with me pulling me face first into a pile of goose poop! A little naughty and impulsive at times!

With just a couple miles to go I found the energy and ran, passed the girl in the blue stripes who had passed me along the nasty road stretch and made it my goal to keep in front. Soon I saw the final turn and ran, so happy to be done! I had slowed, I didn’t care, it was tough and I ran for me and Morgan. After grabbing food I stopped my watch 1:45, not great but not terrible and I had overdone the runs the week before.

I waited for Matt to finish and then headed in to check results. 3rd place! Nice, the course was tough and hot and everyone had slowed down. Just over 1:45, so we waited for awards and soon blue stripe girl was walking up for 3rd place, strange. Afterwards I asked the RD and somehow she now had my time and I had a time of 1:47?? He said her chip didn’t register so they had to “figure it out”. Interesting that my time was now 2 minutes slower, and in a straight gun time race I placed behind someone who finished after me, but whatever I know the real results. We headed home to catch O walking in her first parade to help out our friend’s restaurant, we actually made it in time to walk with them too.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Marathon Weekly: Following a week of stupidity with smart training

Week 12 started nice and cool but yikes the heat returned, it was also filled with way too much running! Yes, I am admitting it, I needed to take days off and I didn’t. What was planned as a walk would easily turn in to a run and I’m sure hurt my half, oh well, I learned the hard way again even though I knew it was stupid as it happened.

Monday: Race: 10K/5K combo 
Tuesday: Strength with trainer and Evening 4.5 mile hill run coaching
Wednesday: 1 hour elliptical and Appointment with sports chiro
Thursday: 7.75 mile speed intervals at 5:30am and core 1 mile walk in afternoon
Friday: 6 mile run/walk to/from store and core
Saturday: Half Marathon (report tomorrow)
Sunday: 5 mile recovery run and 1 mile walk at Nature Center with Matt and O and Strength
View on my Sunday run

Week 13 the heat is back, 100F in the forecast today, ugh! I will be smarter this week! Enough said! And what’s ahead…

Monday: Bike and core
Tuesday: Spin in am, strength with trainer and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Spin?? and Dance (yes I think I’m doing it!)
Thursday: Run and core
Friday: Spin
Saturday: 20 mile run (Pacing 9 min mile group)

Sunday: Bike and Strength

How was your week? Do you ever make stupid workout choices even though you know better?

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Things on Friday: Adapting and coping

What a week, I’ve written many posts in my head but just not what I feel like writing now, so today is just a collection of my thoughts, decisions and struggles from this week. Honestly how did such a short week turn into such a tough, long week?

Yesterday we met friends for vegetable picking at a local farm, unfortunately with our crazy cold spring and now hot spell there isn’t much to pick. The kids had a blast and we have plenty of peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. Plus they gave all the kids a small cantaloupe. I think the best part was all the dirt they were given free run in! Heck O was doing flips in the fields, she had dirt from head to toe!

Thursday is also CSA day but we after pick up we were still lacking one thing for dinner so off to the farmer’s market we when for corn. Once again I went a little nuts: corn, apples and 3 gluten free baking mixes later we finally left. Pretty sure we won’t need produce for at least a few days!

On Wednesday we went to check out O’s new dance school and wow what a difference! Such organization, better studio space and just a friendlier feel. She met her teacher, got to check out her studio and even have a cookie while she colored pictures for the contest. All this got me thinking, why don’t I dance again? Yikes it has been 15 years, can I do this? Is this a stupid idea? Well I ran it past my sports chiro and she thought it would be a great cross training plan. She was a dancer too so she has a great understanding of my concerns and the requirements on a dancer’s body. So I guess I have the green light on that side, plus Matt is for it too. Now to take the plunge!

Have you even done something outside your comfort zone? Gone back to an old favorite that you know is now much different? I just need to remind myself that I will not be the dancer I was back then when I spent 15-25 hours per week between competitions and practice.

This past week I had another appointment for my leg and this time low back as well, things are much better but we decided to keep up the muscle work every 3-4 weeks until I am done racing. She also told me I NEED to take a stretch off running at least 2 times a year (she’d prefer 1 week 3x). I have a tough time with this, as I am sure anyone who reads my blog can easily figure out. Right now I am working on only running 4 days a week and walking to supplement or biking. I also need to get back in the pool soon! I do think my body likes this, duh! Runners, how do you incorporate this into training? What do you do instead of running those times? I never take time off unless it is forced and need to get better, I hate being injured and want to be back to strong running again.

Back to Back
After I write the above I sit here debating a back to back race again this weekend. I am running a half on Saturday with hopes of a better finish than last weekend. I also have two options for Sunday; 1) a 5K that I can run free, but would push myself at or 2) a 25K that is not nearly free, but I’d be “racing” with my team. I use racing lightly since it would be an easy run and good training for Dopey. Hmm, what to do? Or there is always option 3) Sleep in!

Things are rough at our house lately with all the new things ahead and anticipation. Poor O is not one to like change. Next week she starts school and a new dance studio. Over the summer her friend from down the street moved away and the park they played at was torn down for renovation, to a 3 year old this is devastating!

We are also in the middle of doggy injury and meeting with the vet again today to discuss consulting ortho and possible ACL repair. This all means no running or even walks for him. O and I used to take Morgan out daily and she misses her time playing with her big puppy! Poor guy is in pain and I hate seeing this. Please send us good thoughts today that we get answers and some pain relief for him, luckily he has adapted well and manages pretty good on 3 legs except the stairs.

And the final straw for her is me going back to work! Yikes, this freaks me out slightly too. I have not worked full time in 10+ years, I’ve mostly had jobs where I worked 3-4 days a week even if that did mean full time hours. O is anxious, having sleep issues and acting out. Last night she fell asleep on the couch after 2 hours of crying about anything, poor girl. I know she will love her school and my mom is watching her so no strangers on the other 3 days but it is a big change. Any good suggestions for adapting? We have talked about what is ahead, made school and her time with grandma sound really fun but still can tell she isn’t buying it fully.

On that note…Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Besides the race, we have a local festival and are planning to walk the parade for a friend’s restaurant.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A weekend of races: Women Rock & Victory Recaps

I know I run a lot but 3 races in 3 days not normally, but things just seemed to fit this past weekend. Almost a year ago I registered for the half marathon and then met this great group of runners through Moms Run this Town and had fun group to share the race. They also were the reason behind the Monday race (the cheap second race addition convinced me to run both!). So here I was running a half marathon on Saturday and 10K / 5K double on Monday, great training for Dopey if no other reason.

Women Rock Half
After a week of intense heat the weather improved slightly, only 70 at race start. After the craziness of the shuttles and massive porta-potty lines we finally got the start line to hear they were delaying “a few minutes” ugh! I knew I wasn’t in full racing form yet but wanted to do what I could, then the week before happened, I spent most of Wednesday-Friday with intense back pain and right quad pain, no idea other than my stupid decision to go to a new weight class on Tuesday. I also decided to play around with race fuel since I am out of Huma Gel.
Me in the yellow on the right

The race began and I positioned myself right behind the 1:40 pacer aiming to not go out too fast. The first few miles my right leg was tight but finally loosened up and soon I was passing the 1:40 pacer! I kept a comfortable pace and soon hit the first turn around at 3.5 miles, I loved knowing so many other runners and watching for them as I passed heading back.

Another mile passed and my back became less than happy as I ran up a hill, no fun! And this continued a tight back and now tight leg that for a moment I considered just stopping and walking. It was during these miles I was again passed by the 1:40 pacer and I almost grabbed my phone to call Matt and say I’d be much later than expected. This quickly passed and I decided just run comfortable. Finally Mile 8 and life was good, like everything fell into place. I took the last of my Hammer chew and skipped my iPod to some new songs and was off. I felt great until the Mile 11 hills, as I stupidly decided to keep pushing and soon backed off when the hamstring kicked in its anger too. I knew these hills last about 1 ½ miles and just ran comfortable again. But this was also the part where we combined with the 10K/5K runners and this was motivation to keep pushing. Finally the flat ground returned and I knew the finish was near.

I see it, I am done! I glanced at my watch and grabbed my necklace from the firemen before starting my post race routine of hitting medical for ice and having to explain I really was okay, just give me ice! I found Matt and O and went back to watch friends finish before heading to the post race party and heading home to realize the Hammer chew did not make me happy, I felt awful in the car, guess that was one experiment gone wrong!

There were some issues with my number, it somehow got changed and re-assigned a new one after I picked it up last spring so there is no record of me running. According to my watch I ran 1:41:05, I am happy this is the best half all year. Still not my goal of beating last year’s time (1:39) or a PR (1:34) but getting closer.

Victory 10K
What a difference a couple days makes, we woke to temps of 40s! I grabbed a jacket and headed to the race. The 10K began at 8:00 and was a flat out and back. The field was fast so I knew not to be stupid and try to start with the leaders. I just told myself run your own race. We were off and settling in to a steady pace. Mile 1: 7:13 We soon turned and yikes where did the wind come from?!  I kept pushing through and finally Mile 2: 7:13 (wow I’m never this consistent!). Now the only uphill of the course, I felt like I was slowing until I saw friends and pushed passed. Mile 3: 7:20 and finally time to turn and the wind’s at my back! Now I watch for my friends and Matt to pass on the other side and cheer as we go. Mile 4: 7:10 (thank you downhill!) but I am now regretting this jacket! Almost there, it can’t be too bad. Mile 5: 7:09 One mile to go and I think I can PR! I’m nearing Mile 6 and realize there is another hill right before the finish and the line is further back than I thought! Time to give that last push and I’ll be done (at least for this race)…
44:43 (7:13 pace) and a PR! Nice, I find O and my parents as we cheer on Matt an then wait for the next race…

Victory 5K
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate 5Ks?! This race started at 9:30 so after about 45 minutes of rest we were back at the start line, I once again debated the jacket and kept it on, stupid! You know that feeling of running after biking, well that’s how my legs felt! I was probably not the smartest to push the 10K, but I wanted to PR. We were off and the guy next to me “this sucks on tired legs!” Not everyone ran the double, both races were separate but there was an option to combine.

Mile 1: 7:28 yep, like I expected. I was soon realizing that unlike the 10K the 5K had those runners who had no clue how to line up, I was soon passing walkers and kids weaving along the course, sprinting and stopping! Mile 2: 7:30 Almost there and I am done with this jacket, I need to get rid of it now! So I spend the final mile running with jacket in hand, not fun! I am soon seeing that lovely hill at the finish and soon the end in sight.
23:08 (7:28 pace) 3rd place Age Group finish

The two races are combined for the double and total time used to determine place and guess what? I was 2nd in my Age Group! 8th woman!

Victory Kid’s ½ Mile

And now the most important race of the weekend! O had been looking forward to this for days. She lined up next to a friend of mine and her son and soon they were off running on the road! She was thrilled to run on the road. It is an out and back led by a police car, just like “mommy and daddy’s race” Soon the kids are heading back and there is my girl with the largest grin, smiling at everyone and watching the spectators and runners as she goes. She crosses the line in 6:00 and gets her ribbon with huge grin and of course the first question, “when can I do it again?”

What a fun weekend of racing and crazy weather swings! I love seeing O have so much fun doing something I love so much. I know someday she will be running the 5K with me and pulling me along to the finish.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September and transitioning into a new normal

Sorry for those looking for my race recaps I got lazy last night and you'll have to wait. There is a teaser on my Facebook page today, be sure to check it out and come back for the full recaps tomorrow...

August over, seriously? Where did the summer go? Although it ended with a massive heat wave with hot, humid weather in the 90s making for tough runs and lots of indoor activities. This was also time for me to look at my goals for 2013 and realize I am on track for many but some out of my control are just beyond my reach.
True in many aspects of life!

  • Run 225 miles- Yes! 240.2
  • Actually got out on my bike most weeks, no swimming but lots of strength/core focus
  • 5th half (7th half/full of 2013) done! Not my goal but improving from previous 2013 races
  • Duathlon done and I remembered why I love them, but need to bike more!
  • 3rd Ragnar was great, already planning for next year!

  • Office has become a huge disaster as I attempt to organize, but plenty of stuff thrown out and lots of books sold!
  • Surgery is done and I am feeling back to normal after over a year of issues, plus this brought many answers in regards to my health that I can work to improve.

  • Limit processed foods and treats: Could have been better but improving
  • Keep experimenting with new CSA veggies: Some favorites were zucchini nachos and eggplant pizza

  • Figure out pre-school plans and other fall activities Done!
  • Work on quiet time with O her frustration through methods other than yelling or hitting A work in progress but improving
  • Ran and biked with friends, happy hour and lunch with friends and date night with Matt

One of our many park days, what is she doing?

September is here and I am not ready! I love summer and know this means the end is near, but my pumpkin obsession is now acceptable for the next few months! O starts school soon, I go back to work and we transition into a new normal with activities and schedules.

  • Run 230 miles 
  • Get back into morning workouts: 2 weekdays is my goal
  • 6th Half (8th half/full of 13in2013) and want to be back under 1:40
  • 2 10Ks (1 done already with a PR!) sub 44:00 would be great
  • 10 Mile race goal of 1:11
  • Get back in the pool!

  • Continue to organize the house and work on a cleaning routine
  • Decide if I want to take dance classes at O's new dance school, would be fun but need to think about getting in too many commitments.

  • Start tracking again: so far 2 days of tracking showed me I’m close but still need to make changes. Now to figure out why my iPad and iPhone MyFitnessPal apps don’t communicate!
  • Figure out healthy (and easy) lunches and snacks for back to work
  • Get back to weekend meal prep

  • Focus on fun with O the next couple weeks and after work: so far veggies picking, art class and park days planned
  • Continue to have monthly date nights with Matt and plan friend activities

How was August and what are you working on in September? 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Marathon Training and Relief

I am feeling so much better by adding the extra couple week to my training. Rather than coming up on my final long run I have 3 more much needed weeks. I guess we can still call this Week 11 but I guess it is turning into an 18 week plan. The extreme heat made the week tough and meant slower runs and cutting miles. So how did the week go…

Monday: 15 mile bike
Tuesday: 30 min ARC trainer then weight class. Evening 5 mile run coaching
Wednesday: Core and Run to/from gym/farmer's market (5 miles). A little running while filming a TV spot with a runner I am coaching. Tough to stay cute when it is nearly 100 degrees out!
Thursday: Run to/from playground (7 miles)
Friday: 3 mile walk and core/upper body strength
Saturday: Half Marathon #7 of 13in2013: could have been better but could have been worse, overall I am happy (full recap tomorrow)
Sunday: Easy 4.5 mile run with Matt and strength/core
Check out this great MRTT group before the half!

Week 12 is bringing much cooler temperatures, 20 degrees cooler this morning than it was just a couple mornings ago! This is the week I am back to see my sports chiro and decide how things are going, time to keep rolling! I have two weeks left to get back in the habit of morning workouts before I am back at work, so that’s my goal this week! And what’s ahead…

Monday: Race: 10K/5K combo then kid's race for O
Tuesday: Spin in am, strength with trainer and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: Run and core
Friday: Spin??
Saturday: Half Marathon
Sunday: Bike and Strength

How was your week? Don't forget to enter the Birthday Bash Giveaway!