Friday, February 26, 2016

Pre-Race Rituals

I know we all do it, no matter what sport or what age we all have some pre-competition rituals. When I danced we had a few odd things we did (or didn't do) before a competition like no shaving legs 1 week before (honestly no idea how this started!) or certain songs we'd listen to before. Now this has moved over to my running life.

As I am about to run my 29th marathon in 2 days and packing I'm thinking about all that is important to my rituals. Some started at the beginning and others have developed through the years...

Carrying water everywhere the days before, snacking on almonds, apples, bananas, veggies/hummus and granola all day. Frequent snacking keeps me better fueled and prevents me from over doing a big meal. Plus this way I don't grab junk to eat.

Dinner of Sweet Potatoes and vegan protein. Being a celiac runner has taught me to find a non gluten carb that is easily found everywhere. Sweet potatoes are a staple in my diet.

Watch Spirit of the Marathon the night before. This started as soon as the 1st movie came out (not a big fan of the 2nd movie) and just gets me motivated to run. 

Laying out my flat Jen and posting pics to my MRTT group. For me this usually involves multiple outfit options in case weather changes! I'm super picky on my running clothes.

Race morning up and ready to eat 2 hours before. Breakfast of banana, GF oats mixed with pea protein and coconut. Coffee of course!
Foam Rolling! One of my newer rituals. Get those muscles loose and ready to run.

UCAN! 30 min prerace, a combo of either orange or cran/raz mixed with vanilla.

I'm not an early person when it comes to races. I get there with enough time to use the bathroom, drop bag if needed and get to corral, no need to stand around and wait!

What are your pre-race rituals? 

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Race Week!

The weather is finally starting to cooperate for outside running! The warmer weather and some rain has meant less snow but more ice. I’m so ready for spring and more sun.

Monday: Shoulders and 8.6 mile run (1:10:00)
Tuesday: Off work! Arms/Core and 1 hour Combat Kickboxing
Wednesday: 6 miles with speed intervals and Back
Thursday: 6 mile easy run and core
Friday: Shoulder and Kickboxing
Saturday:10 mile run (3 outside and 7 on treadmill thanks to too much ice) 7:53 pace
Sunday: Arms and Core

Race week! Meaning lighter workouts and travel and race outfit planning. I have my race shoes, now just to find out what socks match best!
Thank you Adidas for making my shoes in purple!

Monday: 6 mile run and Back
Tuesday: Chest and kickboxing
 Wednesday: 4 mile run and core
Thursday: Kickboxing and arms
Friday: 4 mile run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Race!!

When is your next race? Who else is joining me at RnR NOLA this weekend?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Race Week Menu Planning

Race week is here! 1 week to go, what I eat this week is huge. My body can be difficult so I know I need to avoid any contact with gluten, dairy is out and so is peanut butter. I also avoid processed junk and make as much as I can myself. Travelling makes this a little tougher but luckily we have a kitchen in our hotel so I can make me prerace sweet potatoes. I will travel with lots of food to get through flights and our layover: hummus and veggies, fruit, UCAN bar, almond butter, homemade granola. What are your go to travel foods?

Any good vegetarian/GF food options in New Orleans? I’ve been told of Crepe Cart that sells GF crepes! 

Sunday: Homemade veggie pizza
Monday: Wraps
Tuesday: Tofu stir fry
Wednesday: Spaghetti squash with marinara and “meat”balls
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: New Orleans
Saturday: Sweet potato and some food from team dinner 

What's on your menu this week? Check out other menus and at Laura's link up

Friday, February 19, 2016

Visions and Goals

Earlier this month the MRTT group planned a fun night to make vision boards and drink a little wine, thanks to the nasty illness I had it didn't happen. I decided before 2016 got to far along I needed to get my motivation out for everyone to see! Tuesday afternoon O and I had project time and each made our 2016 vision board. I'm not quite sure 6 year old minds can grasp the concept but it was fun. Here's included: a runner, cupcakes, 6 (because she's 6!), beach, mom/daughter picture, fruits/veggies, dance and some random words she could read!

Here is mine...

  • -3:20 Marathon big and center!
  • -50k
  • -Swimming and yoga which I need to do more
  • -Running with Cooper (the dog pic)
  • -Date nights with Matt (the wine)
  • -Summer and lots related to warm weather!
  • -A few of my races
  • -Words to keep me focused: Calm, Laugh, Strong, Love, Organize, Friends
  • -Healthy food and real food with some pumpkin pie!
  • -A reminder that I will garden this year
  • -Sleep better
  • -Read more

What would you include on your vision board? Have you made one before?

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Training Recap- 2 weeks to go

A little late to the game after a few skipped weeks but with 2 weeks to go I’m back with my weekly training posts. Seriously 2 weeks to go until marathon #29,the race I have a as a big goal, the race that weather and sickness got in the way of great training. Oh well, we will see how it goes. I’m treating this as my first noninjured marathon training and from this can base future goals and training.

After a week of being forced to rest due to respiratory infection I have been back and can’t really remember my past week of workouts! Somehow with missing that big week I'm also missing the taper madness! Maybe it is something, no big run= no taper madness? 

This weekend was fun watching the Olympic trials marathon. Who else watched?

I’m thrilled with my 16 miler on Saturday (forced on the treadmill thanks to -20 windchill). I managed 16 miles at avg 7:50 pace!! The best part it felt great, I managed to breath despite the cough still lingering and kicking my butt after I run. And remember the stupid knee cyst? Well it too is back and bigger than ever. I’m remembering the last time I had it drained and trying to figure out the best option to not interfere with the marathon.

Monday: Shoulder and 8 mile with 6 tempo evening
Tuesday: Off work! Arms/Legs/Core and Kickboxing
Wednesday: 6 miles with speed intervals and Back
Thursday: 3-4 mile easy run and core
Friday: Arms/Shoulders
Saturday:10 mile run and yoga
Sunday: Chest/Back/Core

How was your week? What’s the goal for this week? 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Menu Planning Prerace

I am finally back to almost feeling normal and after almost 2 weeks of poor meal planning thanks to illness I am back at it. This week is a little messy with 2 days off school for O, a late work night for me and conferences at school. Lots of premade meals, quick foods and eating when we can. I’m also two weeks from my next marathon and working on fueling for the race, avoiding dairy like crazy right now, making sure I am getting my protein and limiting processed foods. Plus planning ahead for travel foods and meals in New Orleans. Anything we need to see, do, eat in New Orleans?

I’m also excited that this week is bringing a heatwave! 40s in the forecast this week which is amazing after a week on sub 0 temps and freezing just walking out the door. As much as I love soups and comfort foods I can’t wait to get back to all the fresh veggies and salads of summer.

Sunday: Risotto with Asparagus and Edamame
Monday: Veggie Bean Enchiladas
Tuesday: Lentil Soup with Naan
Wednesday: Late Work Meeting L
Thursday: Wraps and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Friday: Spaghetti Squash with Marinara and "Meat"balls
Saturday: Dinner with friends

What's on your menu this week? Check out other menus and at 
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Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm not Super Mom!

Guess what after years of being in denial I am finally on board with the fact that I am not Super Mom (or my previous thoughts of Super Woman!). I can’t do it all and am finally realizing that my attempts at everything are making us all suffer. The past 3 years I’ve poured into my career along with finishing grad school all while continuing to train for marathons and being a mom and wife, well I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t excelling at the most important jobs on the list. I watch these young women surgeons working long hours, building big careers and being moms. I kept telling myself that if they can do it on 80 hour work weeks that I have nothing to complain about but I see they lack family time, focus on things other than work and just life outside. This isn’t what I want…

So I spent the past year figuring out what I want…
  • A career with growth using my education
  • A career I enjoy, one I look forward to most days
  • A strong relationship with my daughter
  • Time with family
  • Time to workout every morning and ability to see my running buddies
  • Time to travel and share the world with O
  • Evenings to eat family dinner and relax
What's on your list?

The past few weekends solidified my thoughts. Running home with barely any time before O’s birthday party, changing as family started arriving! The following weekend repeating as I missed half the neighborhood SuperBowl party due to another late day at work, finally heading over there without a shower for the day and ready to do nothing but sit on the couch.  Monday we all suffered from this as O was in tears because she had no time to spend with mom all weekend and insisted she come to work with me.

Moms, why do we do this to ourselves? We can accept that we don’t need to do it all! What is important to us now and in the future? How have you realized as a mom that you can’t do it all? What changes have you made?

So what is ahead…Well I have decided to leave my job with crazy unpredictable hours, working weekends and late days with a long drive in my specialty of surgery/trauma. Almost 16 years in trauma is coming to an end, this has hugely shaped who I am and has brought great people and experience to my life but to do what’s best for me as a whole I need to step away. Instead I will be working weekdays only, set hours meaning home for dinner, no more super easy mornings meaning time for morning workouts, plus close to home. Change is tough but knowing this is the best is making it easier. How many other runners factor in this as a decision maker for a job?

Have a great weekend, what are your plans? Hoping I’m ready for my long run after 11 days of being sick I’m back to running. Just 2 more weeks until RnR NOLA! And a fewmore days to donate to my fundraising (I have special thank you gifts for those who donate before Feb 17).

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Friday, February 5, 2016

To Run or Not To Run: Running While Sick

Today was supposed to be the last big run for New Orleans, my final 22 mile run. (Still time to help me raise $ Click )Since last week the plans have been in place, get up early on my Friday off, meet 3 friends all needing varying distances but have company for about 3/4 of my run. Well thanks to my child and her ability to share germs my body had other plans. Tuesday I felt a little sick but I still ran a 10 mile tempo run without issues. Wednesday I barely managed a 6 mile easy run, ended up walking to make it to 7 miles. Then by Thursday I was miserable by lunchtime, low grade fever, nonstop cough and body aches. I left work early, deciding sharing my germs with my afternoon of oncology clinic was stupid.

I camped out on the couch with the fire on, blankets, House Hunters on TV and a book to read. I jumped on our group run text and let them know I was likely out and sure enough I was...
At the start of Boston 2012 with Jess, I look pretty good considering how bad I was feeling!
My goal since my last injury is to be a smart runner, listen to my body and think of the long term not just what I want today. In the past I would have run and suffered! In 2012 I was sick heading into Boston Marathon but I ran anyways (who wouldn't?). I took it easy since I was sick, coming off injury and it was 90 degrees by mid race but still I suffered for weeks after with a nasty respiratory infection requiring steroids and antibiotics to finally go away. Not this time!

Reasons Not To Run

  • Fever
  • Body Aches
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Flu-like symptoms

Check, check, check! I guess I am out!

Okay To Run

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Sore Throat

Today I am feeling better but still sore throat and cough so planning a walk instead and reattempting my long run tomorrow if things are even better. Wish me luck! Do you try to run through illness and injury? 

And now a little good news! I'm excited to be chosen to be part of Team Rock N Blog for 2016. Stay tuned for a discount code for Rock n Roll Races. Have you run any Rock n Roll races?

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Birthday Fun

I will get back to running talk soon, don't worry! But as a mom your kid's birthday takes center stage for a few days.

Like I posted O turned 6 on Thursday and it hasn't stopped yet! 

Thursday night we took O to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner after gymnastics , Frozen balloon waiting. After dinner they offered ice cream but she can't have dairy so they offered a fruit plate for dessert. Then we had fun reading the cards written by some of here classmates. Kind of fun reading (and interpreting 5/6yo writing and spelling! Then the one and only present this slacker mom had time to wrap (in a Target bag!) cruise ship Friends Legos

Saturday she was off to a friend's party then gymnastics and her family party at home. I once again forgot that I don't have an angel food cake pan and made two fallen loaves of cake, oops!

Sunday was friends party! To fit it all in I was out running at 6:15, 18 miles done by 9am and on to party prep. 11 of her friends joined us for a princess party complete with a visit from Elsa! She helped them all make crowns, painted nails and relax to watch a little Frozen before cupcakes and presents. What a fun day and so great to spend it with so many friends.

But afterwards it changed, about 1 hour later she crashed saying she just wanted to lay on the couch and not eat dinner! She is always hungry! I knew things weren't right, yep fever 102.9F. Poor kiddo, after dinner, which she slept through, we cuddled on the couch and watched a little Cupcake Wars before an early bedtime.

Have a great day! I can't believe it is now February!