The curse continues

First Boston was record heat, then Med City was hot, humid and windy causing us to take advantage of the option to drop to the half marathon. Next Minneapolis become hotter then expected and last weekend Du at the Dam was another hot humid race. Now the Red, White and Boom half is cut to 5 miles for tomorrow.

The heat continues!

I have been following the race change post on Facebook and find it interesting reading the various pro and con comments. Me I am very irritated to say the least. I do understand their thinking that they are covering their butts and being safe but it is July and we often have this weather. The race begins at 6:30am and has a 3 hour limit meaning some won't finish until 9am but right now at 8:30 it is only 75F so not unbearable running weather and should be similar tomorrow.

Key points about the race
  • A bad precedent was set earlier this year when both Green Bay and Madison cancelled. Yes this is needed at times but shouldn't be excessive
  • We have (or should have) trained for this. It is much different racing in this in July when there has been two months of heat already then in April when it comes out of no where
  • Many people on FB are focused on still getting a medal, while important to many and yes I keep all mine and am proud when I earned them. I'm not sure I want a medal say "1/2 marathon" when I didn't truly run that
  • How can anyone know what the weather will be 2 days before? Yes there are forecasts but things change and like I said this morning would have been fine to run.
  • Do I really want to get up this early to drive and then run 5 miles? Why not at least a 10K?
  • We have run this every year so far so we are int o continue this trend but I can complain along the way as I run my extra 8 miles ahead of time
What are your thoughts on hot races and all these cancellations so far this year? Would you be happy or upset? Are racing trending the wrong way?


  1. I agree that a 1/2 marathon medal doesn't seem right after only running 5 miles. I love that you are going to run 8 before hand:) Yes, why not at least a 10k? We don't have to deal with that type of weather here in WA:)

    1. You are lucky :) A day of this isn't bad but we are going on day 5 now and it is getting old!

  2. i find it surprising, the weather does not seem that anomalous to me. or perhaps better put, this kind of weather is, i fear, the new normal. are we just not going to run races longer than 10 km btwn June and September anywhere south of latitude 55???

    1. That is my fear, now that multiple races have cancelled due to weather is this going to become the normal? It is summer we should expect this as a possibility when we sign up.

  3. Oh wow, from a half to a 5 miler? That's pretty silly- but it's so hard to know what to do in those situations. I wouldn't want to be the race director making the call! How was it?

    1. It was hot and tough! This weather is getting to be a little too much of a good thing all at once. Going on almost a week of this heat, yuck! I hate running the AC, I want my windows open!


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