June: A new beginning and more to come

June was going to be my comeback month in racing and although I am starting to get back I'm not where I wanted to be. Jule meant a lot of changes and decisions meaing more changes to come in July too.
  • Running:165.5 miles Including a Marathon and 5K (1st place AG finish) and more trail running
  • Biking: 13.5 hours + 49.5 miles outside
  • Elliptical: 1.75 hours luckily this continues to be low but I needed a couple run rest days
  • Stregnth: 2-3x week and more running focused and went to my first boot camp
  • Pilates or yoga 1-2x week
  • Made a huge career decision
  • Spending more family time
During July I will continue my comeback and get stronger and in better shape again.
  • Continue Gluten/Dairy Free through the month and see if the changes are continuing. Get back to menu planning and food tracking. I have made it cereal free for 2+ weeks and have survived but still need to find more options
  • Swim weekly (Complete at least 1 mile total swimming)
  • PR at 5K later this month
  • Complete 50K trail race
  • Pass NASM CPT test
  • Start heartrate training again after I complete VO2 max testing
  • Continue to keep up with pilates and strength
  • Work on being a better mom (better deal with 2 year old tantrums if that is possible!) and continue to spend family time
Enjoying a family day at the beach


  1. It looks like June was quite a month for you. Good luck with your July goals!

    1. Yes June was a big month of changes, I'm looking forward to seeing what July brings :)


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