Motivation and Music

I am frequently asked how I still with running and my workouts and stay motivated. This question comes up a lot in the bitter cold of Winter and the scorching heat of Summer. There are general answers that rarely change but then there are ever changing motivating factors.

In general I am always motivated by this cute face and showing her a strong and healthy role model. I love how she is active already as you can see when she found mommy's old ballet shoes.

Music is always good to get me going, I love the loud music at the race start to get the excitement through the crowd. Even though I have gone away from running with music outside there are times when I still sneak it in for a few miles and routinely on indoor workouts. I recently found these two lists 100 Best Workout Songs from the 90s  and  100 Best Workout Songs of All Time and plan to update my playlists. What are you favorite workout songs?

New running clothes looking good always makes me run better or at least I feel that way. A few days ago on a shopping trip to find a sundress which was a failure I instead came home with new running clothes: sports bra, capris, and a cute tank.

Races and goals provide a good incentive to work towards and motivation on those tough days. It also helps that I just got a free entry to Mora Half Marathon in August and have a fun weekend ahead with Ragnar Northwest Passage this weekend. Could you ask for better scenery? And a forecast of 70s, what a great change!

Stress makes me want to workout. These may not be my best workouts but the time to think and process always makes me feel better mentally and often come to a solution. The recent stress has gotten me moving many days!

Feeling good and preventing the sluggish feeling that comes from not running always push me. This is probably the one I often forget. Especially in those tough times when it is easiest to skip a workout. There is such a great feeling both mentally and physically after a good workout. And how great to get lost in thoughts and the surroundings.
What better way to spend an early morning
Friends and running partners who push and motivate. Without some people I wouldn't routinely be up at 5am multiple times a week for Boot Camp or a speed workout.

Food and fueling your body for more running and performing better. I always strive to feed my body with fuel to run and not junk. Here was my latest (very successful) attempt
Lemon Protein Balls
1 cup dates
½ cup oats
¼ cup cashew butter (any nut butter)
¼ cup vanilla protein powder
Zest and juice of 1 lemon (may need additional juice depending on size)
Put oats and protein powder in food processor until smooth, add dates and zest and mix. Add lemon juice and nut butter until consistency. Form into balls and put in fridge or freezer to set (1-2 hours). Store in fridge. Makes 24

What motivates you?


  1. running buddies and a training schedule help keep me motivated. I'm running Ragnar NW passage this weekend too! What leg are you running?

    1. I am runner 12: legs 12, 24, 36. What about you?

  2. Lucky ladies doing Ragnar! You are going to have so much fun:) This race is on my bucket list. Maybe next year:) All of the above motivate me. I love to listen to music, destress and show my boys that girls can be strong and fast too. Races are a great motivator too because I don't want to suck on the course:)

    1. Thanks, it should be a blast as soon as I get through this travel day with minimal sleep!


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