When sleep won...

Sleep (and a Friday night of sushi and wine) won out over the early 50K on Saturday. It was the right decision considering my chest still hurts and breathing is awful. I can only imagine how tough running that long would have been! Instead we had a fun weekend on running, fishing and food. I finally took the time to listen and decided rather then pushing I would look forward to other races and have found a 50K for next Spring that I will do and a trail half marathon in August.

My solo run...
Saturday I stuck close to home and ran a 22 mile easy run. I started early with a solo 7 mile then joined my group (including the family) for the next 11 miles and finished solo. What a great morning to think and run. I am so happy to be figuring out long run fueling as I ran with 1 Honey Stinger, Nuun, Water and a few GF pretzels. My GI system was happy, I think I need to limit the gels and focus on "real" food while running instead.

Tropical Popsicle
1/2 cup frozen mango slices
1/2 cup frozen peach slices
2 tbsp lime juice
1/2 cup orange juice

Blend all in food processor until smooth and pour into Popsicle makers. Freeze and enjoy!

I love lazy days at home, coffee on the deck and time to shop. It is amazing how much fun Target has become after becoming a mom! My quick grocery trips now result in wandering and buying more then I planned.

The day ended with our first family fishing trip to a nearby lake complete with fish!
The fish are in the water

My 1st fish!
Sunday I love starting the day with a family run: Morgan, Matt and I grabbed the kid and BOB for 4 miles to return a Red Box (21 Jumpstreet) Great movie and a kind of stupid funny. After relaxing I had a marathon pizza crust making session (gluten free- recipe to follow)  while kid napped. Then we hit the gym for some fun in the pool and time of Matt and I to swim some laps.1st swim in months was tough with the breathing issues continuing but about 1/2 mile done and it felt good and I am considering a triathlon for next month. Now to overcome the fear of open water swimming and continue...


  1. Definitely sounds like the right decision! I'm impressed that you still got a long run in. Love all the pics of O, she looks like she's loving that popsicle!

    1. It was the right decision. She loved the popsicle, now to figure out the next flavor combination to try.


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