TC (5 mile) Half Marathon

This was the race shortened due to heat and as much frustration as I expressed I guess I am somewhat happy with it after today. Not only was it 82F and 80% humidity at the start but I have been dealing with a nasty cold the past couple days and it is knocking me out. This combo is not great for running. We decided to get there a little early but I wanted sleep. With the long walk from the car and our pre-race run we managed about 3.5 miles and then got to the start. You know it will be tough when the sweat is starting even before the race.

The one thing I love about this race is that although it is timed, they don't have pacers and don't push awards. This is my type of race, I can run it myself and not get caught up in the mental game of the pacers and beating others.
Mile 1: 7:35 Starts on Cobblestone and then uphill as I push I know this will be tough and I rethink my goal of beating my 8K time from this spring (37:27). I grab water to dump at the 1 mile stop and push as I can.
Mile 2: Here comes the sun, yuck! This time water to drink and dump.
Mile 3: Over halfway and we head over the bridge into the slight breeze. Start pushing a little more. Mile 4: 32:03 I forgot how quick these shorter races go. I look down and realize I can still make my revised goal of sub 40:00 if I push a little more. With a 1/2 mile to go we turn on to the bridge and I see the finish.
Mile 5: 39:42! (7:57 pace) Made it with time to spare. I am soaked and it is hot! Can't complain for as exhausted as this virus and heat have made me. And my first 5 mile race so an automatic PR!

I honestly don't know what was worse though having run the full half marathon and just taking it easy or running the 5 mile and running harder. By the time I finished I looked more like I just finished a swim then a run. I overheard a guy talking about how he didn't understand why people would want to dump water over their heads during the run when they were already sweaty and wet? Really, I wanted to ask if he understood how cool water would cool you off.

As I write this the temperature has reached 97F (77% humidity) with a heat index of 107, I love heat but this is getting to be enough. What happened to nice warm summer days of 80?

Happy 4th of July, hope everyone is a having a safe, relaxing and fun day. Me I just took a much needed nap and soon hitting the pool before making Pad Thai for dinner.


  1. I got a nap in yesterday too, it was much needed! Nice job surviving the heat- that sounds brutal! And you still came away with a great time. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Holidays are great nap days :) It really was what I needed to feel better.

  2. Great job! When I have a cold, the last thing I want to do is run. But it seems like the nasal passages clear up after you get started.

    The comment made by the man - really? Had he never been hot and sweaty in his life?

    1. Running is tough but always a great way to open the sinuses!

  3. Congrats on the PR even if it was an automatic PR! I'm with you about the nice summer days in the 80's. When are we getting those back?

    1. Thanks :-) We luckily had a few nicer days, but the heat is on the way back. This Summer has been tough!


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