Looking Back

A simple post on looking back...this past weekend we went to the corn maze for the 3rd year in a row and as we walked home we talked about how things are so different each year as O grows and what we will get to do in the future in just this one yearly outing. After looking at the pictures from this year I had to go back and compare...
2010- Not so sure of this slide

2012- Do it again!

2010- I guess I can sit with mommy

2011- This is kind of fun

2012- Who knew playing in corn was so much fun!
Notice how my hair just gets shorter and O's hair gets longer! Any fun family traditions or yearly outings?


  1. O is beautiful! As are you :-). We used to go the the Royal Melbourne show (just a big annual fair)

    1. Thanks Kate, I'm biased but think she is quite cute with the personality to go with it :)


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