Pro Bar Giveaway

I have talked a lot about Pro Bar over the past couple months, but they are my new favorite snack. I was excited when Pro Bar contacted me to be an ambassador for their products and let me try a variety of their bars.

Fruition Bar
Perfect afternoon snack to get through the slump. A combination of fruit, dates, oats, chia seeds, cashews in great flavors. I think my favorite is peach (at least today), but you can't go wrong with lemon, blueberry, raspberry either. These taste great, almost pie like flavor. Perfect preworkout food and gluten free!

Halo Bar- Nutty Marshmallow
These are awesome; sweet but without the guilt, best yet they are vegan and low sugar (no refined sugar)! These are my go to when I need to cure a sweet tooth.Just the right combination of sweet and salty. The Halo bars also come in Smores, Rocky Road and Honey Graham

And now for the best part, Pro Bar has given me a mixed box of the Original Pro Bar to share with someone. Want to try this great bar. Wholefood, organic bars in flavors in fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc. What better option for post workout or a quick, healthy meal bar.

Here is you chance to win your own box. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite pre or post workout food.
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Contest ends Saturday Nov 3rd and winner announced Nov 4th.

    A little reminder with just a couple days left...I was nominated as a top mom health/wellness blog, thanks for all the votes so far. I'm barely in the top 25, help me out and please take a minute to vote here, thanks! Vote and you get bonus entries (ok not really, but lots of appreciation)


  1. greek yogurt, whey protein, fruit, granola.

  2. Pumpkin protein shake

  3. Let's see.
    It would be cookies/muffins/donuts/chocolate pre-workout. My new pre-race fueling strategy is two bars of chocolate (although I usually end only with one because I usually cannot resist and eat the other one the day before).
    Post workout, I eat whatever is in my fridge (broccoli with cheese, kefir, muffins if I have not already eaten them all before). I would eat a protein/energy bar if I had one (which I usually do not since they are expensive!).

  4. post workout - latte, yogurt with soy protein, berries, homemade granola and flax - or pancakes!!

  5. Pre Workout, I try to keep it VERY simple-sensitive stomach! A banana usually works well for me. Sometimes I'm okay with part of an energy bar.

  6. Banana and almonds. And I voted again!

  7. String cheese or a light-n-fit yogurt

  8. Not sure if Canadians may enter, but just in case: my favourite post-workout snack is an apple with almond butter.


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