Strange things while running

Looking back I wish I had taken pictures on my run (or in the past) but instead here is a list...

The strange things seen on a run
  • A large rawhide dog bone
  • Multiple half lemons: this wouldn't be strange except it is cold and lemons do not grow here
  • A man running in a cowboy hat
  • A girl running in a bikini (this was in the summer)
  • An entire loaf of bread dropped piece by piece down the trail
  • Banana peels (okay not strange) am I the only one who immediately thinks Billy Madison when I see a banana peel on the side of the road?
  • Single adult size shoes, I get the kid shoes since we have been donors of these (and socks) in the past, but adults don't you miss one shoe? 
  • A man walking along a road (no water in sight) wearing a lifejacket, expecting a flood??
  • A woman rollerblading while pushing a kid hanging out of a stroller, okay maybe not strange but dangerous!

What is the strangest thing you have seen on a run?


  1. Peacocks. Someone has a bunch fenced in on their property. To me, strange!

    1. I don't think I have ever seen peacocks except at a zoo, that would be odd!

  2. So funny! I see banana peels all the time. Once I saw a diaper and was completely disgusted.

  3. Awesome! Love the girl in the bikini - and the bread trail. I've seen someone park their car in one direction, get out, and bolt off into the other. It was dark.

  4. I don't usually leave links, but this time, because I wrote a similar post a while back that includes a video of my husband herding a calf. Other things I saw that day (we were on a bike ride)and didn't get a photo of: A white poodle riding on the back of a vespa; A large hawk sitting perfectly still on a fence, a field full of daisies, a donkey.

    Anyway, it is always fun to see fun stuff on the run or the ride! Here's the link:

  5. I'm honestly not sure what the oddest thing is that I've seen out on a run. I'll have to think on that.

    1. I'm sure you have seen odd things, although sometimes I don't think anything is strange anymore :)


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